Help with the Names List

The Names List is too large to produce as a single web page. Breaking it up into a number of smaller pages could be done, but it would be a high-maintenance job for me. I have therefore produced a Names List in the form of a CSV file which you can download and manipulate in Excel or any other spreadsheet manager.

The CSV file shows surname, forenames, date of birth (when known) and the tree, or trees, in which that particular person can be found. Each person also has a unique PL number which you should use if writing to me. The PL number can also be used to search the site.

This file is generated semi-automatically so you will find a number of females with no surnames (wives where I have not been able to find a marriage) and also a number of instances of the surname Pluck occurring in square brackets e.g. [Pluck] - again where a marriage record has not been found, so I don't know the wife's maiden name. You will also find a few individuals with no PL number; these are usually non-Pluck relatives (in-laws, for example).

The Names List will be expanded every time a new tree is added to the website. I will add a date to the download page so that you can tell how new the file is.

I have also added a name list to each tree. You can find links to these on each tree download page.

You can, of course, also use the search facility to search for individuals.

©2016 Derrick Porter