How to Use the Trees Pages

  1. Most trees are interlinked. Trees are listed in four tables; Linked, Loose Branches, Orphans and Twigs.
  2. In general the oldest are at the top of the tree selection table and the more recent are lower down. The 'Links' column shows which other trees are linked. For example, Tree 1 is linked to Trees 2 and 3. Tree 2 is linked to tree 1 (because it is linked in the upwards direction the number is shown in brackets), and also to Trees 4, 5, 6 and 7.
  3. Your chosen tree will open in a new browser page. When you have finished with it you can click on the 'close' icon and you will then be back on your original page.
  4. Most trees are larger than the window on your screen. Use the scroll bars to navigate around the tree. If you have trouble in expanding the tree to a reasonable size in your browser then save it somewhere convenient and then open in with Acrobat Viewer in the usual way.
  5. Each page is complete in itself. There are no clickable links on the trees.
  6. Links to other trees are shown clearly. You are given the number and the title of the tree which you should then be able to identify in one of the tables.
  7. Individuals on the trees are identified by a unique 4 digit number e.g. [0234]. Use this identification number if you ask me whether I have further information about this particular individual.
  8. If you click on a link to display a tree, and nothing appears to happen, look at the bottom of your screen to check that you haven't 'minimised' the previous tree.
  9. There are some trees which are not linked to the main trees. I believe, however, that the people concerned are closely related to the people in the main trees and I have indicated where I believe the link might exist in each case. If you can find positive proof of a link then I would be pleased to hear from you. These trees are listed in the Loose Branches table.
  10. You will also find a table which I have titled Orphan Trees. These have no connection to other trees at present. There are also Twigs; these are small trees, usually (but not always), not linked to other trees.
  11. I will be adding further trees from time to time.
  12. I have provided a Tree Map which shows how the various trees are linked.
  13. For help on which type of tree format to use (.pdf or .tdr) click here.

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