Data Held by me


You will not find a great deal of raw data to download on these pages. It is a time-consuming business putting ever-increasing data on to a web site. I believe that my time would be better spent on gathering and recording data and then analysing and collating it.

Most of my 'one-name' data is held in a program called Custodian which I am very happy to search for information about anyone in your family. Please supply as much information as possible about the people who interest you; dates and places are vital, as is information about its source. I regret that I will not be able to respond to requests along the lines of "Send me all you have on the PLUCK family". You are welcome, however, to help yourself to anything you find here.

I have set up a database, using Custodian, and now have 28,073 (on 7 February 2019) name/event records on it. The database is growing steadily and I am trying to analyse the data as it grows, establish links wherever I can, and construct trees. Much of this Custodian data is on the website in the form of trees and their associated tables. At present there are nearly 4,700 people represented in 49 trees. This may, at first sight, appear to be only a small proportion of the Custodian data but you have to remember that a person can have a number of records associated with their name.  It is feasible for someone born in 1839, for example to have the following records:  birth, baptism, marriage (more than one is possible) and Banns, death, cemetery record, 8 census records (1841-1911), baptism records for children, listing as informant on birth and death certificates, entries in various directories including voters' lists, military service . . . and so on.

If you are not already aware of it, may I suggest that you visit Philip Pluckrose's web site. A link will be found on the 'Links' page.

Additions to the Database

I am always on the lookout for more information to add to my database and welcome contributions from any source. My database has fields in it which allow me to record the name of the person who is the source of the data so that I can go back to them if I later gather information that is relevant to their branch of the "family" and also so that I can let them know if someone with similar interests should get in touch with me.

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