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While compiling the new Tree1010 a few days ago I found that I had made an error when I linked Mary Ann Ward (PL 1573) to Joseph Pluckrose (PL 873) in Tree 1007. She should be linked to Joseph Pluckrose (PL 1954) in the new Tree 1010. The 1851 census provides the data that justifies this change.

For convenience I will call Joseph (PL 873) Old Joseph, and Joseph (PL1954) New Joseph.

In 1851 New Joseph is a butcher, born in Chigwell in 1819, with a wife named Mary Ann who was born in Bethnal Green in 1822. The only information that I have about Old Joseph (apart from his parentage) is that he was christened in Nettleswell in 1818. Chigwell and Netteswell are about 15 miles apart so there is unlikely to be any confusion about the birthplace.

I haven't found Joseph in the 1841 census but I have found two of his brothers, Jonah and Alfred, who (each born a year either side of Joseph) were both butchers.

This seems sufficient reason to make the change.

Derrick Porter
1 November 2007

©2007 Derrick Porter