1901 Census

Identification of PLUCKS in the 1901 Census

Household ref
Census place
Where born
Relation to head
Tree No
Note present
101a London PLUCK Hepzibah 30 Beccles Cook Domestic servant s PL1221 Tree1003  
102a Chelsea PLUCK Eliza Jane 34 Marylebone Parlour Maid Domestic servant   PL2575 Tree13  
103a Marylebone PLUCK Louisa 28 London Domestic Servant servant s PL0047 Tree7  
104a Stoke Newington PLUCK John 59 Saffron Walden Baker head m PL0185 Tree6  
104b Stoke Newington PLUCK Anne 59 Saffron Walden   wife m PL1753 Tree6  
104c Stoke Newington PLUCK Lily 13 London   daur s PL1796 Tree6  
105a Stoke Newington PLUCK James 26 Stoke Newington Coach Painter head m PL1757 Tree6  
105b Stoke Newington PLUCK Jane 28 Stoke Newington   wife m PL1786 Tree6  
105c Stoke Newington PLUCK James 1 Stoke Newington   son   PL1787 Tree6  
106a Bloomsbury BAILLASS Edward 29 Bunhopfield Metropolitan police constable head m   related  
106b Bloomsbury BAILLASS Jane 26 Heworth   wife m   related  
106c Bloomsbury PLUCK John 2 St Giles   adopted son       Note 1
107a Bethnal Green PLUCK Mary G 30 Bethnal Green Paper Sorter head wid     Note 2
107b Bethnal Green PLUCK Winifred 7 Bethnal Green   daur       Note 2
107c Bethnal Green PLUCK Charles 2 Bethnal Green   son       Note 2
108a Mile End Old Town PLUCK Jane A E 30 Bethnal Green Infirmary Scrubber head wid PL2479 Tree6  
108b Mile End Old Town PLUCK Arthur 8 Mile End   son s PL2482 Tree6  
109a Mile End Old Town PLUCK George 24 Mile End Bookbinder head m PL0049 Tree7  
109b Mile End Old Town PLUCK Kate A 23 Forestgate   wife m PL0058 Tree7  
110a Mile End Old Town PLUCK Arthur G 48 Shadwell Carman General head m PL2465 Tree16  
110b Mile End Old Town PLUCK Sarah 50 Shadwell   wife m PL2468 Tree16  
110c Mile End Old Town PLUCK Arthur 19 Shadwell Carman General son s PL2470 Tree16  
110d Mile End Old Town PLUCK Ernest C 9 Shadwell   son s PL2471 Tree16  
111a Mile End Old Town HUGHES Victor 40 Bethnal Green ship worker at docks head m   related  
111b Mile End Old Town HUGHES Agnes 33     wife m   related  
111c Mile End Old Town PRATT William 60   storekeeper at brewery father in law wid   related  
111d Mile End Old Town PLUCK Hilda 9 Mile End   niece s PL2477 Tree16 Note 3
111e Mile End Old Town NEVIN Emma 38 Bethnal Green mantle maker boarder s   n/c  
112a Rotherhithe PLUCK Robert 39 Sheerness gashouse labourer head m PL0928 Tree5  
112b Rotherhithe PLUCK Jane 32 Lee   wife m PL2314 Tree5  
112c Rotherhithe PLUCK Sarah J 10 Rotherhithe   daur s PL2315 Tree5  
112d Rotherhithe PLUCK Edward R 8 Deptford   son s PL2316 Tree5  
112e Rotherhithe PLUCK   1 w Rotherhithe   daur s PL2317 Tree5  
113a Lambeth PLUCK William F 22 Bedford Lace Warehouseman boarder s PL0778 Tree11  
115a Lee PLUCK Mary E 35 Tunbridge Cook Domestic servant s PL1552 Tree13  
116a Woking PLUCK Ralph 29 Braintree Tinsmith visitor s PL0822 Tree105  
117a Reigate PLUCK Annie 55 Stepney E laundress head wid PL1773 Tree6  
117b Reigate PLUCK Nellie 23 Tunbridge laundress daur s PL1778 Tree6  
117c Reigate BATCHELOR Harry 10 Tunbridge   grandson     related Note 4
118a Croydon PLUCK Susan 60 Gt Maplestead living on own means visitor wid PL0795 Tree106  
119a Ilford PLUCK Henry 38 Unknown Boot Finisher pauper patient m     Note 5
120a Barking PLUCK William 34 Mitcham Coffee roaster head m PL2247 Tree15  
120b Barking PLUCK Annie 35 Mitcham   wife m PL2250 Tree15  
120c Barking POTTER Catherine 73 Mitcham   mother in law wid   related  
121a Chelmsford PLUCK Frederick 52 Witham Stonemason head m PL0793 Tree106  
121b Chelmsford PLUCK Emily 63 Great Totham laundress wife m PL0796 Tree106  
121c Chelmsford SAUNDERS John 36 Kennington millwright boarder s   n/c  
122a Chelmsford PLUCK Frederick 24 Beccles Brass Moulder boarder   PL1222 Tree1003  
123a Halstead Urban PLUCK Hannah 59 Stisted General Servant Domestic servant wid PL0980 Tree105  
124a Bocking PLUCK Elizabeth 41 Sawston Draper head wid PL2790 Tree11  
124b Bocking PLUCK Fred 13 Bury St Edmunds   son   PL2791 Tree11  
124c Bocking BROOKE Gertrude 26 Chislehurst draper's assistant assistant s   n/c  
124d Bocking SUCKLING Ellen 26 Bocking general servant servant s   n/c  
125a Bocking PLUCK Jabey 68 Wendon Retired Clothier head m PL0501 Tree11  
125b Bocking PLUCK Betsy 70 Stapleford   wife m PL0769 Tree11  
125c Bocking PLUCK Frederick 28 Braintree Gents Clothier son s PL0774 Tree11  
126a Bocking PLUCK Henry 42 Braintree Boot Closer pauper s PL0813 Tree105 Note 39
127a Witham PLUCK Thomas 77 Saffron Walden Bootmaker head wid PL0021 Tree6  
127b Witham PLUCK Charles 41 Witham Bootmaker son s PL0798 Tree6  
127c Witham PLUCK Mary A 36 Bethnal Green Housekeeper daur s PL2414 Tree6  
128a Arkesden PLUCK Charles H 35 Arkesden Labourer Agricultural head m PL0532 Tree101  
128b Arkesden PLUCK Linda 35 Wicken   wife m PL0567 Tree101  
128c Arkesden PLUCK Herbert C 10 mo Arkesden   son   PL0568 Tree101  
129a Arkesden PLUCK Frank 33 Arkesden Builder's labourer head m PL0534 Tree101  
129b Arkesden PLUCK Elizabeth K 26 Wicken   wife m PL1813 Tree101  
129c Arkesden PLUCK George W 6 Arkesden   son m PL1814 Tree101  
129d Arkesden PLUCK Frank 4 Hoddesdon   son   PL1815 Tree101  
129e Arkesden PLUCK Mildred 2 Stansted   daur   PL1816 Tree101  
129f Arkesden PLUCK Constance M 1 m Arkesden   daur   PL1817 Tree101  
129g Arkesden DYER David 22 Arkesden Builders labourer boarder m   n/c  
130a Arkesden PLUCK Samuel 64 Arkesden Agricultural Labourer head m PL0472 Tree101  
130b Arkesden PLUCK Elizabeth 58 Clavering   wife m PL0529 Tree101  
130c Arkesden PLUCK Julia 16 Arkesden Servant Domestic daur s PL1751 Tree101  
130d Arkesden PLUCK Arthur 10 Arkesden   son   PL1752 Tree101  
131a Newport PLUCK Margaret 43 Wicken   head wid PL0563 Tree8  
131b Newport PLUCK William 22 Saffron Walden Hay Trusser Ag L son s PL2398 Tree8  
131c Newport PLUCK Joseph 17 Wenden Hay Trusser son s PL0564 Tree8  
132a Littlebury PLUCK Alfred 39 Arkesden Horsekeeper On Farm head m PL0546 Tree101  
132b Littlebury PLUCK Martha 40 Sampford   wife m PL1758 Tree101  
132c Littlebury PLUCK Arthur 18 Hinxton General Agricultural Labourer son s PL1759 Tree101  
132d Littlebury PLUCK Edith 10 Hinxton   daur s PL1760 Tree101  
132e Littlebury PLUCK Mary 1 Littlebury   daur   PL1761 Tree101  
133a Wendens Ambo Entire PLUCK Eliza 76 Wenden   head wid PL0522 Tree8  
133b Wendens Ambo Entire PLUCK Nelson 19 Wicken Railway Porter grandson s PL0571 Tree8  
134a Wendens Ambo Entire PLUCK Fred 13 Wicken Ordinary Farm Labourer lodger s PL0566 Tree8  
135a Stowmarket PLUCK Samuel 36 Braintree Tailor & Outfitter head m PL2400 Tree11  
135b Stowmarket PLUCK Maud 34 Braintree   wife m PL2401 Tree11  
135c Stowmarket PLUCK Arthur 11 Witham   son s PL2407 Tree11  
135d Stowmarket PLUCK Ethel 9 Witham   daur   PL2409 Tree11  
135e Stowmarket PLUCK Florence 8 Witham   daur   PL2410 Tree11  
135f Stowmarket PLUCK Victor 4 Stowmarket   son   PL2411 Tree11  
135g Stowmarket KEMP Frances 17 Gislingham housemaid domestic servant s   n/c  
136a Beccles PLUCK Thomas 31 Beccles Tailor head m PL1218 Tree1003  
136b Beccles PLUCK Jane 33 Beccles   wife m PL1248 Tree1003  
136c Beccles PLUCK Albert V 8 Beccles   son   PL1249 Tree1003  
136d Beccles PLUCK Reginald Harold 6 Beccles   son   PL1250 Tree1003  
136e Beccles PLUCK Olive M 4 Beccles   daur   PL1251 Tree1003  
137a Beccles PLUCK Abram 62 Foulmire Railway Guard head m PL1183 Tree1003  
137b Beccles PLUCK Elizth 61 Belton   wife m PL1255 Tree1003  
138a Beccles PLUCK Herbert 30 Beccles Farmers Laborer head m PL1219 Tree1003  
138b Beccles PLUCK Harriet 28 Beccles   wife m PL1240 Tree1003  
138c Beccles PLUCK Herbert W 10 Beccles   son   PL1242 Tree1003  
138d Beccles PLUCK Ethel May 9 Beccles   daur   PL1241 Tree1003  
138e Beccles PLUCK Ethel Maud 7 Beccles   daur   PL1243 Tree1003  
138f Beccles PLUCK Walter A 5 Beccles   son   PL1244 Tree1003  
138g Beccles PLUCK Arthur F 3 Beccles   son   PL1245 Tree1003  
138h Beccles PLUCK James E 2 Beccles   son   PL1246 Tree1003  
138i Beccles PLUCK Mabel V 5 mo Beccles   daur   PL1247 Tree1003  
139a Lowestoft PLUCK Ernest 38 Saxmundham Railway Engine Driver head m PL1213 Tree1003  
139b Lowestoft PLUCK Caroline 39 Beccles   wife m PL1226 Tree1003  
139c Lowestoft PLUCK Ethel 16 Beccles Dressmakers Apprentice daur s PL1238 Tree1003  
139d Lowestoft PLUCK Frank 13 Lowestoft   son s PL1239 Tree1003  
139e Lowestoft PLUCK Frederick 11 Lowestoft   son s PL1227 Tree1003  
139f Lowestoft PLUCK Harry 8 Lowestoft   son s PL1256 Tree1003  
139g Lowestoft PLUCK Alice 5 Lowestoft   daur s PL1228 Tree1003  
139h Lowestoft PLUCK Dorothy 3 Lowestoft   daur s PL1257 Tree1003  
140a Birkenhead PLUCK Laurence 35   Carter Carman head m PL1887 Tree1009  
140b Birkenhead PLUCK Margaret 36     wife m PL2792 Tree1009  
141a Birkenhead PLUCK Patrick 27   general labourer head m PL1892 Tree1009  
141b Birkenhead PLUCK Mary 26     wife m PL1871 Tree1009  
141c Birkenhead PLUCK Kate 3 Tranmere   daur s PL1869 Tree1009  
141d Birkenhead PLUCK Mary 1 Tranmere   daur s PL1870 Tree1009  
141e Birkenhead SIMMONS Edward 40   general labourer boarder s   n/c  
142a Liverpool PLUCK Timothy 47   Cooper head wid     Note 6
142b Liverpool EDWARDS Mary A 42   Domestic Servant sister wid   related  
143a Liverpool PLUCK Sarah 61 Liverpool   boarder wid     Note 7
144a Toxteth Park PLUCK William 40 Chelsea Tailor Shop Keeper head m PL2253 Tree15  
144b Toxteth Park PLUCK Annie 42 Ruislip   wife m PL2260 Tree15  
145a Bootle cum Linacre PLUCK Bridget 62 Liverpool   head wid     Note 8
145b Bootle cum Linacre PLUCK Lawrence 38   Casual Labourer son s     Note 8
146a Chelsea PLUCK Jane 13 Plaistow Training Girl boarder s PL2480 Tree6  
147a Chelsea PLUCK Matilda 35 Pusey Dressmaker visitor s PL2255 Tree15  
148a Marylebone PLUCK Madeleine 29 France French Subject Dressmaker head m     Note 9
149a Islington PLUCK Albert 44 Arkesden Carman Grocers head m PL0482 Tree101  
149b Islington PLUCK Fanny 41 Clavering   wife m PL0544 Tree101  
149c Islington PLUCK Louisa 13 Clavering   daur   PL0552 Tree101  
149d Islington PLUCK Albert 5 Holloway   son   PL0553 Tree101  
149e Islington PLUCK Kitty 2 Holloway   daur   PL2415 Tree101  
150a Islington PLUCK William 25 Arkesden Cab Horse Keeper boarder s PL0537 Tree101  
151a Hackney PLUCK Harry 22 Islington Carman head m PL0646 Tree101  
151b Hackney PLUCK Fanny 21 Poplar   wife m PL0647 Tree101  
151c Hackney PLUCK Emily 2 Hackney   daur   PL0648 Tree101  
151d Hackney PLUCK Albert 3 mo Hackney   son   PL0649 Tree101  
152a Hackney PLUCK David 50 Arkesden Carman head m PL0480 Tree101  
152b Hackney PLUCK Elizabeth 49 Whitstable   wife m PL0643 Tree101  
152c Hackney PLUCK Albert 18 Tottenham stationer's asst son s PL0885 Tree101  
152d Hackney PLUCK Emily 15 Tottenham Purse Making daur s PL0886 Tree101  
152e Hackney PLUCK Charles 12 Tottenham   son   PL0887 Tree101  
152f Hackney PLUCK Elizabeth 8 Dalston   daur   PL0888 Tree101  
152g Hackney PLUCK James 5 Dalston   son   PL0889 Tree101  
153a Mile End New Town PLUCK Henry 55 Spitalfields Bootmaker head m PL0443 Tree16  
153b Mile End New Town PLUCK Emma 54 Whitechapel   wife m PL0591 Tree16  
153c Mile End New Town PLUCK Henry 21 Whitechapel Carman son s PL0592 Tree16  
154a Mile End Old Town PLUCK Alfred 43 St Georges East Boot Finisher head m PL0029 Tree6  
154b Mile End Old Town PLUCK Mary 41 St Georges East   wife m PL1788 Tree6  
154c Mile End Old Town PLUCK Mary 16 St Georges East Shirt Ironer daur s PL1789 Tree6  
154d Mile End Old Town PLUCK Alfred 14 St Georges East Tea Packer Grocer son s PL1790 Tree6  
154e Mile End Old Town PLUCK Annie 12 St Georges East   daur s PL1791 Tree6  
154f Mile End Old Town PLUCK Lena 10 Stepney   daur   PL1792 Tree6  
154g Mile End Old Town PLUCK James 8 Stepney   son   PL1793 Tree6  
154h Mile End Old Town PLUCK Jessie 6 Stepney   daur   PL1794 Tree6  
154i Mile End Old Town PLUCK Florrie 3 Stepney   daur   PL1795 Tree6  
155a Bromley PLUCK Charles 53   Labourer General head m PL1115 Tree1001  
155b Bromley PLUCK Jane C 44 Poplar   wife m PL1125 Tree1001  
155c Bromley PLUCK Charles 21 Bromley Labourer General son s PL1127 Tree1001  
155d Bromley PLUCK Florie 15 Poplar Match Factory Hand daur   PL1129 Tree1001  
155e Bromley PLUCK Joseph 11 Poplar   son   PL1130 Tree1001  
155f Bromley PLUCK Walter 6 Bromley   son   PL1131 Tree1001  
156a Bromley PLUCK John 23 Bromley Labourer In Tank works head m PL1126 Tree1001  
156b Bromley PLUCK Melinda 23 Bromley   wife m PL1160 Tree1001  
156c Bromley PLUCK John 1 Bromley   son   PL1161 Tree1001  
157a Newington PLUCK Sarah 69 Thornton Heath Monthly Nurse boarder wid     Note 10
158a Putney PLUCK Frances A 38 Tower Hamlets Ironer boarder s     Note 11
159a Camberwell PLUCK Geo 32 Hackney Carman Laundry head m     Note 12
159b Camberwell PLUCK Florence 32 Pimlico laundress wife m     Note 12
159c Camberwell PLUCK Dorothy 9 Norwood   daur s     Note 12
159d Camberwell PLUCK James 7 Hackney   son s     Note 12
159e Camberwell PLUCK Florence 4 Peckham   daur s     Note 12
159f Camberwell PLUCK Catherine 66 Bow laundress retired mother wid     Note 12
159g Camberwell PLUCK Annie 38 Kennington laundress sister s     Note 12
160a Plumstead HORWOOD Robert F 49 Pimlico general labourer head wid   related  
160b Plumstead PLUCK Mabel 24 Plumstead   daur wid     Note 13
160c Plumstead HORWOOD Winifred W 18 Plumstead   daur s   related  
160d Plumstead HORWOOD Frances L 17 Plumstead   daur s   related  
160e Plumstead HORWOOD Margaret R 13 Plumstead   daur s   related  
161a West Malling PLUCK John 27 Bow Brewers Labourer head m PL1777 Tree6  
161b West Malling PLUCK Amelia 29 Hildenboro   wife m PL2490 Tree6  
161c West Malling PLUCK Mildred M 5 Tovil   daur   PL2491 Tree6  
161d West Malling PLUCK Annie 3 Maidstone   daur   PL2492 Tree6  
161e West Malling PLUCK Louie 2 West Malling   daur   PL2493 Tree6  
161f West Malling PLUCK John 8 m West Malling   son   PL2494 Tree6  
162a Tonbridge Urban PLUCK Joseph 42 Plaistow Mechanical Engineer head wid PL0347 Tree10  
162b Tonbridge Urban PLUCK Gwendoline 12     daur s PL0362 Tree10  
162c Tonbridge Urban PLUCK Violet 11     daur s PL0363 Tree10  
162d Tonbridge Urban PLUCK Felton 9 Derby   son s PL0364 Tree10  
163a Hadlow PLUCK Frederick 32 Bromley Shoeing and general smith head m PL1775 Tree6  
163b Hadlow PLUCK Ada 31 Sevenoaks   wife m PL2495 Tree6  
163c Hadlow PLUCK Ada 9 Dartford   daur   PL2496 Tree6  
163d Hadlow PLUCK Frederick 6 Maidstone   son   PL2497 Tree6  
163e Hadlow PLUCK William 5 Pembury   son   PL2498 Tree6  
164a Queenboro PLUCK Alfred 47 Sheerness Hammerman head m PL0932 Tree5  
164b Queenboro PLUCK Eliza 48 Sheerness   wife m PL0935 Tree5  
164c Queenboro PLUCK Alfred 23 Sheerness Ship Wright son s PL0936 Tree5  
164d Queenboro PLUCK Ernest 21 Sheerness Boiler Maker Assistant son s PL0937 Tree5  
164e Queenboro PLUCK Bertie 16 Queenboro Ship Wright Apprentice son s PL0938 Tree5  
164f Queenboro PLUCK Roland 14 Queenboro   son s PL0939 Tree5  
164g Queenboro PLUCK Lottie 12 Queenboro   daur   PL0940 Tree5  
165a Sheerness PLUCK Walter 24 Sheerness Blacksmiths Hammerman head m PL0337 Tree5  
165b Sheerness PLUCK Mary 22 Sheerness   wife m PL0933 Tree5  
165c Sheerness PLUCK Walter 8 m Sheerness   son s PL0934 Tree5  
165d Sheerness SHARPE Thomas 25 Sheerness Bricklayers labourer brother-in-law s   related  
165e Sheerness GARDNER Elizabeth 80 Benenden   aunt wid   related Note 38
166a Eastchurch SCOTT Elijah 62 Weely Ag Lab head m   n/c  
166b Eastchurch SCOTT Harriet 59 Leysdown   wife m   n/c  
166c Eastchurch PLUCK Kate 5 Sheppy   boarder       Note 14
166d Eastchurch PLUCK Minie 4 Sheppy   boarder       Note 14
167a Ramsgate PLUCK Rosa E 33 St Lawrence   wife m PL2312 Tree5  
167b Ramsgate PLUCK Charles A 2 Ramsgate   son   PL2313 Tree5  
167c Ramsgate SINCLAIR Sydney T 6 St Lawrence   nephew     related  
168a St Lawrence PLUCK Arthur 26 Ramsgate General Carman head m PL0321 Tree5  
168b St Lawrence PLUCK Louisa 26 Ramsgate   wife m PL0914 Tree5  
168c St Lawrence PLUCK Lilian 10 m Ramsgate   daur   PL0915 Tree5  
168d St Lawrence BISHOP Charles 7 Ramsgate   stepson     related  
168e St Lawrence BISHOP Louisa 7 Ramsgate   step-daur     related  
169a St Helens PLUCK Adelaide 20 West Ham Housekeeper servant s PL0358 Tree5  
172a Wealdstone PLUCK Arthur 37 Rickmansworth Carpenter & Joiner head m PL2254 Tree15  
172b Wealdstone PLUCK Fanny 38 Rickmansworth   wife m PL2261 Tree15  
172c Wealdstone PLUCK Frederick 16 Rickmansworth Indoor Messenger P O son s PL2262 Tree15  
172d Wealdstone PLUCK Matilda 15 Rickmansworth   daur s PL2263 Tree15  
172e Wealdstone PLUCK Nellie 14 Rickmansworth   daur s PL2264 Tree15  
172f Wealdstone PLUCK Edith 12 Rickmansworth   daur s PL2265 Tree15  
172g Wealdstone PLUCK William 11 Rickmansworth   son s PL2266 Tree15  
172h Wealdstone PLUCK James 6 Wealdstone   son s PL2267 Tree15  
173a Willesden BATEMAN George H 28 Debden Builder's labourer head m   related  
173b Willesden BATEMAN Edith 25 Wicker   wife m   related  
173c Willesden PLUCK Ella 11 Wendon Ambor   sister-in-law       Note 15
174a Tottenham PLUCK Stephen 39 Edmonton Labourer Scaffolder head m PL2428 Twig14  
174b Tottenham PLUCK Charlotte 38 St Lukes   wife m PL2430 Twig14  
174c Tottenham PLUCK May 7 Edmonton   daur s PL2431 Twig14  
174d Tottenham PLUCK Lily 5 Edmonton   daur s PL2432 Twig14  
174e Tottenham MILLS Nellie 11 Nsw   step-daur s PL2433 Twig14  
174f Tottenham STEFFEN Albert 34 Stepney packer boarder s   n/c  
175a Tottenham BARNES Martha 50 Stoke Newington   head wid   related  
175b Tottenham BARNES Harry 13 Tottenham shop boy son     related  
175c Tottenham BARNES Arthur 11 Tottenham   son     related  
175d Tottenham BIRD Thomas 38 Chigwell Row Carman boarder s   related  
175e Tottenham PLUCK James 29 South Hornsey Carman son-in-law m     Note 16
175f Tottenham PLUCK Charlotte 26 Tottenham   daur m     Note 16
175g Tottenham PLUCK Florence 5 Tottenham   granddaur       Note 16
175h Tottenham PLUCK May 3 Tottenham   granddaur       Note 16
175i Tottenham PLUCK Benjamin 1 Tottenham   grandson       Note 16
176a Edmonton PLUCK Louisa L 19 Beccles Bakers Shop Assistant boarder s     Note 17
177a Edmonton PLUCK James 49 Edmonton Carman head m PL2426 Twig14  
177b Edmonton PLUCK Kate 34 London Eleys Cartridge Factory wife m PL2437 Twig14  
177c Edmonton PLUCK Mary 18 Edmonton Eleys Cartridge Factory daur s PL2438 Twig14  
177d Edmonton PLUCK Ada 14 Edmonton   daur s PL2440 Twig14  
177e Edmonton PLUCK Rose 12 Edmonton   daur s PL2441 Twig14  
177f Edmonton PLUCK James 10 Edmonton   son s PL2442 Twig14  
177g Edmonton PLUCK Arthur 8 Edmonton   son   PL2443 Twig14  
177h Edmonton PLUCK John 6 Edmonton   son   PL2444 Twig14  
178a Edmonton PLUCK Elizabeth 58 Edmonton laundress head wid PL2237 Tree15  
178b Edmonton PLUCK Alice 34 Edmonton Dressmaker daur s PL2238 Tree15  
178c Edmonton PLUCK Elizabeth 32 Edmonton laundress daur s PL2239 Tree15  
178d Edmonton PLUCK Samuel 30 Edmonton Floor Cloth Printer son s PL2240 Tree15  
178e Edmonton PLUCK Louisa 29 Edmonton   daur s PL2241 Tree15  
178f Edmonton PLUCK Eleanor 26 Edmonton laundress daur s PL2242 Tree15  
178g Edmonton PLUCK Leonard 21 Edmonton Brass Polisher son s PL2245 Tree15  
178h Edmonton PLUCK Rose 18 Edmonton Embroidery Cutter daur s PL2278 Tree15  
178i Edmonton PLUCK Harold 17 Edmonton Paper Printer son s PL2279 Tree15  
179a Edmonton PLUCK Henry 40 Edmonton Agricultural Labourer head m PL2427 Twig14  
179b Edmonton PLUCK Fanny 29 Kings Harpur laundress wife m PL2434 Twig14  
179c Edmonton PLUCK Rhoda 7 Edmonton   daur   PL2435 Twig14  
179d Edmonton PLUCK Charles 4 Edmonton   son   PL2436 Twig14  
180a Edmonton PLUCK Arthur 30 Newington Engineers Labourer head m PL2248 Tree15  
180b Edmonton PLUCK Alice 37 Newington   wife m PL2257 Tree15  
181a Cheshunt PLUCK William 45 Haggerston Clothier (Shop Keeper) head m PL0771 Tree11  
181b Cheshunt PLUCK Agnes 47 Newport   wife m PL2404 Tree11  
181c Cheshunt PLUCK Agnes 11 Bedford   daur s PL2406 Tree11  
181d Cheshunt BROWN Sarah A 50 Billericay clerk (drapers) visitor s   n/c  
181e Cheshunt REEKS Ellen S 20 Bhrah Mill general servant servant s   n/c  
182a Furneaux Pelham Entire PLUCK Agnes 21 Arkesden General Servant Domestic servant s PL0539 Tree101  
183a Hitchin PLUCK Agnes 29 Fowlmere Parlourmaid Domestic servant s PL1229 Tree1003  
184a Hertford PLUCK Jesse 54 Witham Cabinet Maker head m PL0792 Tree106  
184b Hertford PLUCK Ellen 55 Colchester   wife m PL0909 Tree106  
185a Hatfield PLUCK James 31 Melbourn Railway Porter head m PL1313 Tree1004  
185b Hatfield PLUCK Charlotte A 32 Holme   wife m PL1329 Tree1004  
185c Hatfield PLUCK Frederick J 4 Hatfield   son   PL1331 Tree1004  
185d Hatfield PLUCK Gladys S 10 m Hatfield   daur   PL1332 Tree1004  
185e Hatfield DANIELS Harry 28 Balsham Railway Guard boarder s   n/c  
186a Abbots Langley PLUCK Mary 69 Banham Inn Keeper Pub head wid PL2251 Tree15  
186b Abbots Langley PLUCK Amelia 41 Chelsea   daur s PL2252 Tree15 Note 39
186c Abbots Langley PLUCK Fredk 31 Rickmansworth Butler Domestic son m PL2256 Tree15  
187a Amersham PLUCK Emily 33 Hampton Wick Cook Domestic servant s     Note 18
188a Hemingford Grey PLUCK James 58 Cambridge Railway Carpenter head m PL0519 Tree8  
188b Hemingford Grey PLUCK Susan 61 Chesterford   wife m PL1599 Tree8  
189a St Ives PLUCK Frederick Jas 31 Cambridge mill labourer (flour) head m PL1601 Tree8  
189b St Ives PLUCK Louisa 33 Hemingford Grey   wife m PL1602 Tree8  
189c St Ives PLUCK Louisa M 11 m St Ives   daur s PL1603 Tree8  
190a Bedford PLUCK Frances 20 Bedford Drapers Assistant boarder s PL0779 Tree11  
191a Cherry Hinton PLUCK Eva 15 Melbourn General Servant Domestic servant s PL1321 Tree1004  
192a Cherry Hinton PLUCK William 46 Melbourn Foreman Platelayer head m PL1307 Tree1004  
192b Cherry Hinton PLUCK Jane 49 Gestingthorpe   wife m PL1320 Tree1004  
192c Cherry Hinton PLUCK Linda J 13 Knessworth   daur s PL1322 Tree1004  
192d Cherry Hinton PLUCK Hilda G 11 Cherry Hinton   daur s PL1233 Tree1004  
192e Cherry Hinton PLUCK Amy M 8 Cherry Hinton   daur s PL1324 Tree1004  
193a Cherry Hinton PLUCK Henry W 34 Cambridge College Servant head m PL1499 Tree8  
193b Cherry Hinton PLUCK Emma 39 Heynford   wife m PL1598 Tree8  
194a Cambridge PLUCK Emily 18 Wendon Kitchen Maid servant s     Note 19
195a Sawston PLUCK James 59 Melbourn Shepherd On Farm head m PL1302 Tree1004  
195b Sawston PLUCK Lydia 61 Melbourn   wife m PL1310 Tree1004  
195c Sawston PLUCK Elizabeth 35 Melbourn   daur s PL1311 Tree1004  
195d Sawston PLUCK William 33 Melbourn Coachman Domestic son s PL1312 Tree1004  
195e Sawston PLUCK Sarah 27 Melbourn folder at paper mill daur s PL1319 Tree1004  
196a Hinxton PLUCK Thomas W 31 Arkesden Horsekeeper On Farm head m PL0549 Tree101  
196b Hinxton PLUCK Florence 30 Norwich   wife m PL1820 Tree101  
196c Hinxton PLUCK Elsie E 8 Hinxton   daur   PL1821 Tree101  
196d Hinxton PLUCK Robert C 6 Hinxton   son   PL1822 Tree101  
196e Hinxton PLUCK Walter L 1 Hinxton   son   PL1823 Tree101  
197a Hinxton PLUCK Mary 66 Debden   head wid PL0545 Tree101  
197b Hinxton PLUCK Frederick J 34 Arkesden Horseman On Farm son s PL0548 Tree101  
198a Bottisham PLUCK Sarah 84 Bottisham   grandmother wid PL1111 Tree1001  
199a Newmarket PLUCK Minnie 21 Arkesden Cook Domestic servant s PL1750 Tree101  
200a Wisbech PLUCK Henry 65 Wisbech general laborer head m PL2504 Twig16  
200b Wisbech PLUCK Annie 46 Wisbech   wife m PL2328 Twig16  
200c Wisbech PLUCK John 20 Wisbech general laborer son s PL2516 Twig16  
200d Wisbech PLUCK Ada 16 Wisbech   daur s PL2518 Twig16  
200e Wisbech PLUCK Eliza 12 Wisbech   daur s PL2519 Twig16  
200f Wisbech PLUCK Tom 8 Wisbech   son s PL2520 Twig16  
201a West Ham PLUCK Clara 38 Tunbridge Housekeeper Domestic servant s PL1533 Tree13  
202a West Ham PLUCK Stephen 47 West Ham Plaistow Plater In Shipyard head m PL0390 Tree9  
202b West Ham PLUCK Jane 41 West Ham Plaistow   wife m PL0395 Tree9  
202c West Ham PLUCK Stephen 20 West Ham Plaistow Plater In Shipyard son s PL0396 Tree9  
202d West Ham PLUCK William 12 West Ham Plaistow   son s PL0599 Tree9  
202e West Ham PLUCK Edward 10 West Ham Plaistow   son s PL0587 Tree9  
202f West Ham PLUCK Albert 5 West Ham Plaistow   son s PL0600 Tree9  
202g West Ham PLUCK Clara 2 West Ham Plaistow   daur s PL0601 Tree9  
202h West Ham PLUCK Arthur 6 m West Ham Plaistow   son s PL0602 Tree9  
203a East Ham PLUCK Emma R 3 Plaistow   visitor s PL0977 Tree10 Note 35
205a Leyton PLUCK James 37 Beccles Rail goods driver head m PL1214 Tree1003  
205b Leyton PLUCK Florence 26 Poplar   wife m PL1284 Tree1003  
206a Leyton LORD Edgar 26 Chelmsford Railway Guard head m PL2748 Tree105  
206b Leyton LORD Alma 23 Braintree   wife m PL0823 Tree105  
206c Leyton LORD Hilda 1 Leytonstone   daur     related  
206d Leyton PLUCK Herbert 21 Braintree railway mechanic boarder s PL0825 Tree105  
207a Walthamstow PLUCK Frederic 39   licensed victualler head m PL0348 Tree10  
207b Walthamstow PLUCK Elizabeth 38     wife m PL0387 Tree10  
207c Walthamstow PLUCK Frederic 15   barman son s PL0604 Tree10  
207d Walthamstow PLUCK Jennie 13     daur s PL0605 Tree10  
207e Walthamstow PLUCK Albert 6     son s PL0606 Tree10  
207f Walthamstow PLUCK David 3     son s PL0607 Tree10  
207g Walthamstow PLUCK William 2     son s PL0608 Tree10  
207h Walthamstow PLUCK Eliza 63     mother wid PL0353 Tree10  
208a Prittlewell PLUCK Nehemiah 58 Braintree retired postman head m PL0044 Tree7  
208b Prittlewell PLUCK Louisa 50 Bristol   wife m PL0045 Tree7  
208c Prittlewell PLUCK Charles 20 Mile End plasterer son s PL0050 Tree7  
208d Prittlewell PLUCK Beatrice 18 Mile End shop assistant fancy bazaar daur s PL0052 Tree7  
208e Prittlewell PLUCK Maud 17 Mile End shop assistant fancy bazaar daur s PL0053 Tree7  
208f Prittlewell PLUCK Alfred 14 Mile End telegraph messenger son s PL0056 Tree7  
209a Colchester PLUCK James 61 Safforn Walden tallow chandler head   PL0339 Tree12  
209b Colchester PLUCK Elizth A 56 Colchester   wife   PL0840 Tree12  
209c Colchester PLUCK Ada M 24 Colchester Cook Domestic daur   PL0844 Tree12  
209d Colchester PLUCK Kate A 21 Colchester Dressmaker daur   PL0846 Tree12  
209e Colchester HUTTON Gladys 7 Colchester   granddaur     related  
210a Mossley PLUCK Charles E 40 Hurst cotton mill grinder head s PL2557 Twig17  
210b Mossley BOOTH Sarah M 42 Uppermill cotton cardroom tenter boarder wid PL2558 Twig17  
212a Bingley PLUCK Sarah A 48 St Neots Waitress Domestic servant s PL2502 Twig16  
213a Coxhoe PLUCK John 38 Cassop Horse Keeper At Colliery head wid PL2202 Twig10  
213b Coxhoe PLUCK Joseph 17 Coxhoe Coal Miner (carpenter) son s PL2209 Twig10  
213c Coxhoe PLUCK John 16 Coxhoe Coal Miner (carpenter) son s PL2210 Twig10  
213d Coxhoe PLUCK Jane 13 Coxhoe General Servant Domestic daur   PL2211 Twig10  
213e Coxhoe PLUCK Mary A 12 Coxhoe   daur   PL2212 Twig10  
213f Coxhoe LAWRENCE Lily S 6 Coxhoe   daur     related  
213g Coxhoe LAWRENCE Elizabeth A 4 Coxhoe   daur     related  
213h Coxhoe LAWRENCE Ethel 10 m Coxhoe   daur     related  
213i Coxhoe LAWRENCE Alice A 32 Earsdon Housekeeper (domestic) servant m   related  
214a Sherburn PLUCK Matthew 36 Cassop Colliery Fireman Above head m PL2203 Twig10  
214b Sherburn PLUCK Jane M 34 Littletown   wife m PL2214 Twig10  
214c Sherburn PLUCK Ethel 14 Sherburn Hill   daur s PL2215 Twig10  
215a Kensington PLUCK Ann 59 Marylebone Ironer Laundry head wid PL2578 Tree13  
215b Kensington PLUCK Albert 19 Chelsea van guard son s PL2579 Tree13  
216a Newington PLUCK Frederick 27 Newington Grocers Clerk head m PL2249 Tree15  
216b Newington PLUCK Elizabeth 29 Newington   wife m PL2258 Tree15  
216c Newington PLUCK Frederick 8 m Newington   son   PL2259 Tree15  
216d Newington VAUSE Elisabeth 56 Newington   mother in law wid   related  
216e Newington BOOTHER Anne 7 Newington   niece     related  
216f Newington BOOTHER Martha 7 Newington   niece     related  
217a Newington PLUCK William H 36 Tonbridge House Painter head m PL1554 Tree13  
217b Newington PLUCK Amy M 35 Gravesend   wife m PL1557 Tree13  
217c Newington PLUCK Annie M 10 Walworth   daur s PL1558 Tree13  
217d Newington PLUCK Lilly G 8 Bermondsey   daur s PL1559 Tree13  
217e Newington PLUCK William H 5 Walworth   son s PL1560 Tree13  
217f Newington PLUCK John T 3 Walworth   son s PL1561 Tree13  
217g Newington PLUCK Amy C 10 m Walworth   daur s PL1562 Tree13  
218a Enfield PLUCK Frederick 25 Edmonton Electrical Lamp Maker head m PL2244 Tree15  
218b Enfield PLUCK Emily 24 Enfield   wife m PL2280 Tree15  
218c Enfield PLUCK Gladys R 2 m Ponders End   daur   PL2281 Tree15  
219a Melbourn PLUCK Charles 25 Melbourn Clicker Gardener Domestic     PL1318 Tree1004  
220a Thriplow PLUCK Frederick 45 Melbourn Shepherd     PL1309 Tree1004  
220b Thriplow PLUCK Rachel 37 Coton       PL1325 Tree1004  
220c Thriplow PLUCK Frederick 6 Thriplow       PL1326 Tree1004  
220d Thriplow PLUCK Edward 4 Thriplow       PL1327 Tree1004  
220e Thriplow PLUCK Rachel 2 Thriplow       PL1328 Tree1004  
221a Springfield PLUCK Emily 61 Springfield receiving parish relief head wid PL2726 Tree6  
221b Springfield JUNIPER Annie   Springfield Dressmaker daur     related  
222a Middlesbro PLUCK Alfred 35 South Bank Wood ... Maker     PL0996 Tree1002  
222b Middlesbro PLUCK Sarah 31 Middlesbro Grocer     PL1021 Tree1002  
222c Middlesbro PLUCK Lilly 11         PL1022 Tree1002  
222d Middlesbro PLUCK Reuben 8         PL1023 Tree1002  
222e Middlesbro PLUCK Harriet 5         PL1024 Tree1002  
223a Dwygyfylchi PLUCK Joel 61 Melbourn Labourer In Stone Quarry     PL1298 Tree1004  
223b Dwygyfylchi PLUCK Margaret 61 Penmaenmawr       PL1340 Tree1004  
224a St Helier PLUCK Percy Voisin 37 St Helier Victualler head m PL1436 Tree1005  
224b St Helier PLUCK Jane Anne 62     mother wid PL1431 Tree1005  
224c St Helier PLUCK Lydia Louisa 41 St Helier   sister s PL1433 Tree1005  
225a St Helier PLUCK Francis B 33 St Helier Watchmaker head m PL1438 Tree1005  
225b St Helier PLUCK Georgina A 37 St Helier   wife m PL1445 Tree1005  
225c St Helier PLUCK Frank 8 St Helier   son s PL1446 Tree1005  
225d St Helier PLUCK Maud 7 St Helier   daur s PL1447 Tree1005  
225e St Helier PLUCK Douglas 5 St Helier   son s PL1448 Tree1005  
225f St Helier PLUCK Arthur 2 St Helier   son s PL1449 Tree1005  
225g St Helier PLUCK Ethel 7m St Helier   daur s PL1450 Tree1005  
226a Gt Driffield PLUCK Benjamin 37 Arkesden Cartman Cabinet porter head m PL0531 Tree101  
226b Gt Driffield PLUCK Sarah 36 Haisthorpe   wife m PL2720 Tree101  
226c Gt Driffield PLUCK Annie 8 Driffield   daur   PL2721 Tree101  
226d Gt Driffield PLUCK Alice 5 Driffield   daur   PL2722 Tree101  
227a Newport PLUCK Michael 19 Ireland Cook cook       Note 20
228a Fulham PLUCK Frederick 60 Westminster Cord Winder head m PL1766 Tree6  
228b Fulham PLUCK Emily 53 Chelsea laundress wife m PL1797 Tree6  
228c Fulham PLUCK Eliza 19 Chelsea laundress daur s PL1799 Tree6  
228d Fulham PLUCK Alice 15 Chelsea   daur s PL1800 Tree6  
228e Fulham PLUCK Martha 10 Chelsea   daur s PL1801 Tree6  
229a Tottenham PLUCK William 63 Linton Warehouse Porter boarder wid PL2230 Tree15  
230a Fowlmere Entire PLUCK James 30 Fowlmere Labourer On Watercress Farm     PL1211 Tree1003  
230b Fowlmere Entire PLUCK Miriam 28 Thriplow       PL1267 Tree1003  
230c Fowlmere Entire PLUCK Ruth 3 Fowlmere       PL1268 Tree1003  
230d Fowlmere Entire PLUCK Bertha 1 Fowlmere       PL1269 Tree1003  
231a Fowlmere Entire PLUCK James 55 Fowlmere Horse Keeper On Farm     PL1206 Tree1003  
231b Fowlmere Entire PLUCK Mary 56 Whittlesford       PL1209 Tree1003  
232a Cambridge PLUCK Henry 59 Wenden Publican head m PL0518 Tree8  
232b Cambridge PLUCK Emma 53 Cambridge   wife m PL1498 Tree8  
233a Cambridge PLUCK Philip 51 Cambridge Railway Porter head m PL1497 Tree8  
233b Cambridge PLUCK Esther 47 Weston Colville   wife m PL1582 Tree8  
233c Cambridge PLUCK William 23 Cambridge Railway Porter son s PL1584 Tree8  
233d Cambridge PLUCK Clara 18 Cambridge General Servant Domestic daur s PL1597 Tree8  
234a Linton PLUCK William 34 Linton Carpenter & Joiner head m PL2299 Tree8  
234b Linton PLUCK Ellen 38 Shelford   wife m PL2300 Tree8  
234c Linton PLUCK Edith 12 Linton   daur   PL2301 Tree8  
234d Linton PLUCK Alice 11 Linton   daur   PL2302 Tree8  
234e Linton PLUCK William 8 Linton   son   PL2303 Tree8  
235a Balsham PLUCK Walter 44 London Horse Dealer & Carters head m PL2698 Twig4  
235b Balsham PLUCK Helena 45 Weston Coville Landlady 5 Alls wife m PL2699 Twig4 Note 34
235c Balsham PLUCK James 21 Wenden Saffron Walden Work For His Father son s PL2700 Twig4  
235d Balsham PLUCK Emmeline 13 West Wickham Assist At Home daur   PL2702 Twig4  
235e Balsham PLUCK Marian 10 West Wickham   daur   PL2703 Twig4  
235f Balsham PLUCK William 9 Balsham   son   PL2704 Twig4  
235g Balsham PLUCK Kate 8 Balsham   daur   PL2705 Twig4  
236a Balsham PLUCK Frederick 19 West Wickham Groom boarder s PL2701 Twig4  
237a Cheveley Entire PLUCK George 41 Arkesden Stableman head   PL0530 Tree101  
238a West Ham PLUCK Arthur 33 Beccles Railway Guard head   PL1217 Tree1003  
238b West Ham PLUCK Alice 41 Stockton   wife   PL1287 Tree1003  
239a   PLUCK E 39 West Ham Housewife inmate m     Note 21
240a Braintree PLUCK Charles 31 Braintree Bootmaker head   PL0816 Tree105  
240b Braintree PLUCK Alice 26 Finchingfield   wife   PL0825 Tree105  
240c Braintree PLUCK George 6 Finchingfield Scholar son   PL0826 Tree105  
240d Braintree PLUCK Ada 5 Braintree Scholar daur   PL0827 Tree105  
241a Braintree PLUCK Charles 54 Braintree Bootmaker head m PL0810 Tree105  
241b Braintree PLUCK Gertrude 53 Witham   wife m PL2727 Tree105  
241c Braintree PLUCK Sarah 89 Bocking   mother wid PL0804 Tree105  
241d Braintree PLUCK Emily 28 Braintree Silk Throwster daur s PL0821 Tree105  
241e Braintree PLUCK Sidney 16 Braintree Boot Clickers Apprentice son s PL2729 Tree105  
241f Braintree PLUCK Marjorie 3 Braintree   daur   PL2733 Tree105  
241g Braintree PLUCK Olive 1 Braintree   daur   PL2734 Tree105  
242a Braintree PLUCK Frank 28 Braintree Bootmaker head m PL0817 Tree105  
242b Braintree PLUCK Kate 23 Shalford   wife m PL0828 Tree105  
242c Braintree PLUCK Edith 3 Braintree   daur   PL0829 Tree105  
242d Braintree PLUCK Gladys 2 Braintree   daur   PL0830 Tree105  
242e Braintree PLUCK Alfred 1 Braintree   son   PL0831 Tree105  
243a Braintree PLUCK Walter 23 Braintree Boot Finisher head   PL0818 Tree105  
243b Braintree PLUCK Emma 25 Braintree   wife   PL0832 Tree105  
243c Braintree PLUCK Edith 4 Braintree   daur   PL0833 Tree105  
243d Braintree PLUCK Minnie 3 Braintree   daur   PL0834 Tree105  
243e Braintree PLUCK Walter 1 Braintree   son   PL0835 Tree105  
244a Braintree PLUCK Clara 19 Braintree Housemaid Domestic servant s PL2728 Tree105 Note 37
246a Hackney PLUCK David 53 Cambridge Tram Driver head m PL2235 Tree15  
246b Hackney PLUCK Mary 48 Buntingford   wife m PL2293 Tree15  
247a Hackney PLUCK Alice 25 Clapton laundress         Note 22
248a Brighton PLUCK William 34 Bow Foreman Of Livery Stables head m PL1774 Tree6  
248b Brighton PLUCK Alice 33 Withyham   wife M PL1780 Tree6  
248c Brighton PLUCK Alice 14 Tonbridge   daur s PL1781 Tree6  
248d Brighton PLUCK William 13 Brighton   son s PL1782 Tree6  
248e Brighton PLUCK Frederick 7 Brighton   son s PL1783 Tree6  
248f Brighton PLUCK May 4 Brighton   daur s PL1784 Tree6  
249a East Ham PLUCK James 28 Sevenoaks Dock Laborer         Note 22
249b East Ham PLUCK Charlotte 26 Boughton           Note 22
249c East Ham PLUCK James 5 Plumstead           Note 22
249d East Ham PLUCK Alfred 1 Nth Woolwich           Note 22
250a East Ham PLUCK Maud 12 St George E School Girl inmate s PL2755 Tree6  
250b East Ham PLUCK Henry 10 St George E School Boy inmate s PL2754 Tree6  
251a East Ham PLUCK Alfred 13 Mile End School Boy inmate s PL2481 Tree6  
252a Walthamstow PLUCK Arthur 29 Bow Carter At Distillery head   PL0046 Tree7  
252b Walthamstow PLUCK Edith 27 Bow   wife   PL0057 Tree7  
252c Walthamstow PLUCK Arthur 3 Bow   son   PL0227 Tree7  
252d Walthamstow PLUCK Sydney 2 Walthamstow   son   PL0242 Tree7  
253a St Ives PLUCK Jane 87 St Ives           Note 22
254a Coventry PLUCK Emma 15 London           Note 23
255a Salford PLUCK Rose 23 Foulmere General Servant Domestic servant   PL1231 Tree1003  
256a Eston PLUCK Thomas H 37 South Bank Blacksmith head m PL0995 Tree1002  
256b Eston PLUCK Mary A 37 Eston   wife m PL1012 Tree1002  
256c Eston PLUCK Mabel 15 Eston   daur s PL1013 Tree1002  
256d Eston PLUCK Florence 10 Normanby   daur   PL1015 Tree1002  
256e Eston PLUCK William 6 Normanby   son   PL1016 Tree1002  
256f Eston PLUCK Harry 3 Eston   son   PL1017 Tree1002  
257a Eston PLUCK Thomas 64 Edmonton Iron Works Foreman head m PL0993 Tree1002  
257b Eston PLUCK Mary 61 Wolviston   wife m PL0992 Tree1002  
257c Eston PLUCK Frederick 31 Eston Junction Fitters Labourer son s PL0997 Tree1002  
257d Eston PLUCK Minnie 18 Eston School Teacher granddaur s PL1000 Tree1002  
259a Eston PLUCK Arthur L 39 South Bank Bricklayer head m PL0994 Tree1002  
259b Eston PLUCK Sarah Ann 39 Eston   wife m PL0999 Tree1002  
259c Eston PLUCK Edith N 16 Grangetown   daur s PL1001 Tree1002  
259d Eston PLUCK Thomas A 15 Eston   son s PL1002 Tree1002  
259e Eston PLUCK Ernest S 13 Grangetown   son   PL1003 Tree1002  
259f Eston PLUCK Walter M 5 South Bank   son   PL1006 Tree1002  
260a St Helier PLUCK Emily 46 St Helier Boarding House Keeper head wid PL1440 Tree1005  
260b St Helier PLUCK Florence E 14 St Helier   daur s PL1441 Tree1005  
260c St Helier PLUCK Minda 10 St Helier   daur s PL1443 Tree1005  
261a Croydon PLUCK George 50 Hackney shoemaker head m PL1770 Tree6  
261b Croydon PLUCK Hepzabah 49 Downham Market   wife m PL1807 Tree6  
262c Croydon EVENDEN Violet 19 Kensington   step-daur s PL1811 Tree6  
262d Croydon PLUCK George 13 Norwood   son s PL1802 Tree6  
262e Croydon PLUCK Emma 11 Norwood   daur s PL1803 Tree6  
262f Croydon PLUCK William 10 Norwood   son s PL1804 Tree6  
262g Croydon PLUCK Daisy 8 Norwood   daur s PL1805 Tree6  
262h Croydon PLUCK Annie 6 Norwood   daur s PL1806 Tree6  
263a Dover PLUCK John 18 Plaistow Private 4th B Royal Fusiliers     PL0399 Tree9  
264a West Ham PLUCK Robert Frederick 22 Plaistow Engineer Turner head m PL0357 Tree10  
264b West Ham PLUCK Grace 23 Wisbech   wife m PL0388 Tree10  
264c West Ham PLUCK Robert Henry John 7 mo Plaistow   son   PL0614 Tree10  
265a West Ham PLUCK Robert 42 West Ham Marine Engineer head m PL0346 Tree10  
265b West Ham PLUCK Joseph 17 West Ham Coppersmith son s PL0360 Tree10  
265c West Ham PLUCK Alexander 15 West Ham Blacksmith son s PL0400 Tree10  
265d West Ham PLUCK Lily 13 West Ham Scholar daur s PL0596 Tree10  
265e West Ham PLUCK Philip 11 West Ham Scholar son s PL0597 Tree10  
265f West Ham PLUCK Harold 5 West Ham Scholar son s PL0598 Tree10  
266a West Ham PLUCK William 19 West Ham Boiler Plater lodger s PL0359 Tree10  
267a West Ham BARNETT William H   Ratcliff post office pensioner head wid PL0275 Tree7  
267b West Ham BARNETT George 25 Limehouse Bricklayer son s PL2756 Tree7  
267c West Ham PLUCK Catherine 69 Norwich   mother in law wid PL0060 Tree7  
268a Colchester PLUCK Walter E 28 Colchester Solicitors Clerk head m PL0843 Tree12  
268b Colchester PLUCK Mary J 32 Southwark   wife m PL0849 Tree12  
268c Colchester PLUCK Kathleen 1 Colchester   daur s PL0850 Tree12  
269a Colchester PLUCK James 29 Colchester Architects Assistant head m PL0842 Tree12  
269b Colchester PLUCK Grace 30 Aldburgh   wife m PL0847 Tree12  
269c Colchester PLUCK Redvers 1 Colchester   son s PL0848 Tree12  
270a Strood Intra FUGER James 43 Upton Upon Severn gardener (not domestic) head m PL1556 Tree13  
270b Strood Intra FUGER Rowen 42 Tonbridge   wife m PL1550 Tree13  
270c Strood Intra FUGER Vincent 19 Brighton iron moulder son s   related  
270d Strood Intra FUGER Rowena 12 Lenham   daur s   related  
270e Strood Intra FUGER Mary 11 Borstal   daur s   related  
270f Strood Intra FUGER Guy 8 Borden   son s   related  
270g Strood Intra PLUCK Ann 69 Hadlow   mother in law m PL1549 Tree13  
271a West Ham PLUCK Harry 40 West Ham Plaistow Laborer & Ship Yard head m PL0393 Tree9  
271b West Ham PLUCK Margaret 40 Deptford   wife m PL0577 Tree9  
271c West Ham PLUCK Montague 9 West Ham Plaistow   son   PL0588 Tree9  
271d West Ham PLUCK Arthur 8 m West Ham Plaistow   son   PL0603 Tree9  
272a East Ham PLUCK Thomas 29 Barking Boiler maker head m PL0352 Tree10  
272b East Ham PLUCK Emily 31 N.K.   wife m PL0632 Tree10  
272c East Ham IBBITTS Peter 12 Limehouse   brother S   related  
329a Darwen PLUCK Annie 21 Bray General Servant Domestic servant s     Note 27
330a St Saviour PLUCK James 13 St Helier Scholar visitor s PL1442 Tree1005 Note 32
332a Eton MIDDLETON George 26 Chesteton white smith head m PL1606 Tree8  
332b Eton MIDDLETON Alice 26 Cambridge   wife m PL1584 Tree8  
333a Cambridge FREESTONE James 33 Cambridge printer's warehouseman head m PL1605 Tree8  
333b Cambridge FREESTONE Emma E 31 Cambridge   wife m PL1500 Tree8  
340a Stoke Newington PLUCK Martha 64 Clavering   head wid     Note 31
340b Stoke Newington CHESHAM Samuel 26 Clavering Carman boarder s   n/c  
341a Colchester STRUTTON George 29 Bethnal Green Bootmaker head m PL2663 Tree12  
341b Colchester STRUTTON Elizabeth 31 Colchester   wife m PL0841 Tree12  
341c Colchester STRUTTON Sylvia 6 Colchester   daur     related  
341d Colchester STRUTTON Clifford 2 Colchester   son     related  
342a Colchester GOUGH Frederick 24 Colchester clothiers traveller head m PL2664 Tree12  
342b Colchester GOUGH Amelia E 23 Colchester living on own means wife m PL0845 Tree12  
343a West Wratting RUSE Henry 60 Sturmer harness maker head m PL2712 Twig4  
343b West Wratting RUSE Rhoda A 63 West Wickham   wife m PL2708 Twig4  
344a Lee BROADRIBB Henry 37 Lewisham lab, Royal Arsenal head m PL2710 Twig4  
344b Lee BROADRIBB Marion L 36 West Wickham   wife m PL2713 Twig4  
344c Lee BROADRIBB Walter 12 Greenwich   son     related  
344d Lee BROADRIBB Herbert 10 Greenwich   son     related  
344e Lee BROADRIBB William 5 Greenwich   son     related  
344f Lee BROADRIBB Archibald 5m Lee   son     related  
345a Lambeth ROBINSON Albert A 36 Walworth Sculptor head m PL0981 Tree101  
345b Lambeth ROBINSON Emily S 40 Clavering   wife m PL0802 Tree101  
345c Lambeth ROBINSON Llilian M 17 Tottenham Artist in Colours daur s   related  
345d Lambeth ROBINSON Grace 15 East Dulwich Dairyman's assistant daur s   related  
345e Lambeth ROBINSON Albert A 12 East Dulwich   son     related  
345f Lambeth ROBINSON William 9 East Dulwich   son     related  
345g Lambeth ROBINSON Frank 4 East Dulwich   son     related  
345h Lambeth ROBINSON Ethel R 3 Brixton   daur     related  
345i Lambeth ROBINSON Sydney 15 m Camberwell   son     related  
346a West Ham PLUCK Robert 42 West Ham Marine Engineer head m PL0346 Tree10  
346b West Ham PLUCK Joseph 17 West Ham Coppersmith son s PL0360 Tree10  
346c West Ham PLUCK Alexander 15 West Ham Blacksmith son s PL0400 Tree10  
346d West Ham PLUCK Lily 13 West Ham Scholar daur s PL0596 Tree10  
346e West Ham PLUCK Philip 11 West Ham Scholar son s PL0597 Tree10  
346f West Ham PLUCK Harold 5 West Ham Scholar son s PL0598 Tree10  
347a West Ham PLUCK Harry 40 Plaistow Labourer at ship yard head m PL0393 Tree9  
347b West Ham PLUCK Margaret 40 Deptford   wife m PL0577 Tree9  
347c West Ham PLUCK Montagu 9 Plaistow   son   PL0588 Tree9  
347d West Ham PLUCK Arthur 8 m Plaistow   son   PL0603 Tree9  
348a West Ham PLUCK Stephen 47 Plaistow Plater in shipyard head m PL0390 Tree9  
348b West Ham PLUCK Jane W 41 Plaistow   wife m PL0395 Tree9  
348c West Ham PLUCK Stephen 20 Plaistow   son s PL0396 Tree9  
348d West Ham PLUCK William 12 Plaistow   son s PL0599 Tree9  
348e West Ham PLUCK Edward 10 Plaistow   son s PL0587 Tree9  
348f West Ham PLUCK Albert 5 Plaistow   son s PL0600 Tree9  
348g West Ham PLUCK Clara J 2 Plaistow   daur s PL0601 Tree9  
348h West Ham PLUCK Arthur 6 m Plaistow   son s PL0602 Tree9  
349a Tonbridge PLUCK Joseph 42 Plaistow Mechanical engineer head wid PL0347 Tree10  
349b Tonbridge PLUCK Gwendoline 12     daur s PL0362 Tree10  
349c Tonbridge PLUCK Violet 11     daur s PL0363 Tree10  
349d Tonbridge PLUCK Felton 9 Derby   son s PL0364 Tree10  

©2009 Derrick Porter