1901 Census

Identification of PLUCKROSES in the 1901 Census

Household Ref
Census place
Where born
Relation to head
Tree No
Note present
275a St Marylebone PLUCKROSE Richard 40 St James Furniture Carman head m PL2340 Twig12  
275b St Marylebone PLUCKROSE Charlotte 40 St James   wife m PL2356 Twig12  
275c St Marylebone PLUCKROSE Emma 19 St Giles Shop Girl daur s PL2357 Twig12  
275d St Marylebone PLUCKROSE Harriett 17 St Giles Shop Girl daur s PL2358 Twig12  
275e St Marylebone PLUCKROSE Amy 15 St Giles Shop Girl daur s PL2359 Twig12  
275f St Marylebone PLUCKROSE Richard 13 St James School son s PL2360 Twig12  
275g St Marylebone PLUCKROSE Jessie 11 St Giles School daur s PL2361 Twig12  
275h St Marylebone PLUCKROSE Frederick 6 St James School son s PL2363 Twig12  
275i St Marylebone PLUCKROSE Charles 1 St Martin   son s PL2364 Twig12  
276a Stoke Newington PLUCKROSE Joseph 59 Cambridge Heath Cabinet Maker head m PL2163 Tree1012  
276b Stoke Newington PLUCKROSE Charlotte 60 Whitechapel Tie Maker wife m PL2177 Tree1012  
277a Hackney PLUCKROSE Joseph 55 Shoreditch Ladies Shoe Maker head m PL1515 Tree1010  
277b Hackney PLUCKROSE Emily 53 Shoreditch   wife m PL1999 Tree1010  
278a Holborn PLUCKROSE Leah 44 St Martin Charwoman head wid PL1707 Tree1008  
278b Holborn WOOD Anne Clara 18 St Giles Charwoman daur s   related  
278c Holborn WOOD Rosie E 8 St Martins   daur s   related  
278d Holborn PLUCKROSE Henry 1 Holborn   son s PL1708 Tree1008   
279a Finsbury PLUCKROSE Frank 33 Shadwell Traveller head m PL1349 Tree1006  
279b Finsbury PLUCKROSE Isabella 37 Millwall   wife m PL1370 Tree1006  
279c Finsbury PLUCKROSE James 10 Bethnal Green   son   PL1371 Tree1006  
279d Finsbury PLUCKROSE Lilian 11 Bethnal Green   daur   PL1366 Tree1006  
279e Finsbury PLUCKROSE Herbert 4 Stepney   son   PL1378 Tree1006  
280a Bethnal Green PLUCKROSE Mary Ann 69 Wandsworth living on own means visitor wid PL2643 Tree1010 Note 33
281a Limehouse PLUCKROSE John S 31 Blackfriars Coffee House Keeper head m PL1078 Tree1007  
281b Limehouse PLUCKROSE Clara 31 Bethnal Green   wife m PL1090 Tree1007  
281c Limehouse PLUCKROSE John Edward 1 Limehouse   son   PL1091 Tree1007  
282a Mile End Old Town PLUCKROSE George 52 Essex Dock Laborer head m PL1539 Tree1012  
282b Mile End Old Town PLUCKROSE Sarah 41 London   wife m PL2026 Tree1012  
282c Mile End Old Town PLUCKROSE Alec 17 London general laborer son s PL2027 Tree1012  
282d Mile End Old Town PLUCKROSE Sarah 15 London   daur s PL2028 Tree1012  
282e Mile End Old Town PLUCKROSE Rose 9 London   daur s PL2029 Tree1012  
282f Mile End Old Town PLUCKROSE Martha 2 London   daur s PL2030 Tree1012  
283a Bermondsey PLUCKROSE Alfred 25 London N K Carman visitor s PL2757 Tree1007 Note 36
284a Lambeth PLUCKROSE Harry 27 Bermondsey General Laborer In Gas Works head m PL1072 Tree1007  
284b Lambeth PLUCKROSE Elizabeth 28 Westminster   wife m PL2179 Tree1007  
284c Lambeth PLUCKROSE Louisa 3 Southwark   daur   PL2180 Tree1007  
284d Lambeth PLUCKROSE Harry 5 m Lambeth   son   PL2181 Tree1007  
285a Lambeth PLUCKROSE Walter A 57 Lambeth printers compositer head m PL2164 Tree1012  
285b Lambeth PLUCKROSE Charlotte H 50 Lambeth   wife m PL2759 Tree1012  
285c Lambeth PLUCKROSE Emily 30 Lambeth laundress daur s PL2760 Tree1012  
285d Lambeth PLUCKROSE Frederick 15 Lambeth printers labourer son s PL2765 Tree1012  
285e Lambeth PLUCKROSE George R 12 Lambeth   son s PL2766 Tree1012  
285f Lambeth PLUCKROSE Charles E 7 Lambeth   son   PL2767 Tree1012  
285g Lambeth CLARK Harry 33 Lambeth printers labourer boarder s   n/c  
286a Clapham PLUCKROSE Mary 51 St Georges living on own means         Note 22
287a Deptford PLUCKROSE James 46 Brighton Iron Moulder head m PL1409 Tree1006  
287b Deptford PLUCKROSE Charlotte 36 N K   wife m PL1410 Tree1006  
287c Deptford PLUCKROSE Charlotte 11 Deptford   daur s PL1411 Tree1006  
287d Deptford PLUCKROSE Benjeman 10 Deptford   son s PL1412 Tree1006  
287e Deptford PLUCKROSE Thomas 8 Deptford   son s PL1413 Tree1006  
287f Deptford PLUCKROSE Edward 6 Deptford   son s PL1414 Tree1006  
287g Deptford PLUCKROSE Maria 4 Deptford   son s PL1415 Tree1006  
287h Deptford PLUCKROSE Susan 1m Deptford       PL1416 Tree1006  
288a Plumstead PLUCKROSE Henry 37 Not Recorded Greengrocer & Fruiterer head m PL2097 Tree1012  
288b Plumstead PLUCKROSE Hannah 30     wife m PL2103 Tree1012  
288c Plumstead PLUCKROSE William 10 Woolwich   son s PL2104 Tree1012  
288d Plumstead PLUCKROSE Hannah 6 Woolwich   daur   PL2105 Tree1012  
288e Plumstead PLUCKROSE Fanny A 3 Woolwich   daur   PL2106 Tree1012  
289a Paddington PLUCKROSE George C 56 Westminster Hackney Carriage Driver head m PL2001 Tree1010  
289b Paddington PLUCKROSE Elizabeth 62 Sevenoaks   wife m PL2003 Tree1010  
290a St James Westminster PLUCKROSE Sophia 63 Bethnal Green Perfumers Assistant head s PL1676 Tree1008  
290b St James Westminster PLUCKROSE Eliza 51 St Jamess Perfumers Assistant sister s PL1678 Tree1008  
291a St James Westminster PLUCKROSE John 44 City Horse Keeper Carrier head m PL2370 Twig12  
291b St James Westminster PLUCKROSE Sarah 45 Westminster   wife m PL2369 Twig12  
291c St James Westminster PLUCKROSE Chas John 11 Lambeth   son   PL2370 Twig12  
291d St James Westminster PLUCKROSE Mary Dinah 9 Westminster   daur   PL2371 Twig12  
291e St James Westminster PLUCKROSE Esther Amy 7 Bloomsbury   daur   PL2372 Twig12  
292a St James Westminster PLUCKROSE Emma 67 City Of London laundress pauper inmate wid PL1935 Tree1010  
293a Islington FEW Arthur H 26 Kentish Town provision merchant's clerk head m PL2150 Tree1012  
293b Islington FEW Ethel D 23 St Pancras   wife m PL2149 Tree1012  
293c Islington PLUCKROSE Harriett 63 East Malling Upholstress mother in law wid PL2146 Tree1012  
294a St James Garlickhithe DABBS Phoebe Sarah 41 Enfield Publican head wid   related  
294b St James Garlickhithe DABBS Ida Florence 10 Old Ford Schoolgirl daur s   related  
294c St James Garlickhithe DABBS William George 8 Leytonstone   son s   related  
294d St James Garlickhithe PLUCKROSE Elizth Ann 27 Leytonstone Barmaid aunt s     Note 25
294e St James Garlickhithe LANDRY Richard Henry 27 Somers Ford Barman servant s   n/c  
295a Shoreditch PLUCKROSE Geo 52 Hackney Fancy Boot Maker head m     Note 26
295b Shoreditch PLUCKROSE Louisa 52 Bristol Provision shopkeeper wife m     Note 26
296a Shoreditch PLUCKROSE James G 45 Hackney Cordwainer head m PL1519 Tree1010  
296b Shoreditch PLUCKROSE Amy 43 Shoreditch   wife m PL1992 Tree1010  
296c Shoreditch PLUCKROSE Amy 16 Shoreditch Children Costume Machinist daur s PL1993 Tree1010  
296d Shoreditch PLUCKROSE May B 7 Shoreditch   daur   PL1995 Tree1010  
296e Shoreditch PLUCKROSE Grace 3 Shoreditch   daur   PL1996 Tree1010  
297a Bethnal Green PLUCKROSE Charlotte 23 West Ham Domestic Servant servant s PL2020 Tree1012  
298a St George In The East GRIFFITHS William 34 Borough Fruitmongers manager head m PL2771 Tree1007  
298b St George In The East GRIFFITHS Jane E 29 Limehouse   wife m PL1079 Tree1007  
298c St George In The East PLUCKROSE William J 7 Limehouse   brother in law s PL2770 Tree1007  
299a Limehouse PLUCKROSE Benjamin 29 Lambeth Tarpaulin Maker head m PL1080 Tree1007  
299b Limehouse PLUCKROSE Mary 27 Limehouse   wife m PL2006 Tree1007  
299c Limehouse PLUCKROSE Stephen 7 Limehouse   son   PL2007 Tree1007  
299d Limehouse PLUCKROSE Benjamin 4 Limehouse   son   PL2008 Tree1007  
299e Limehouse PLUCKROSE John 2 Limehouse   son   PL2009 Tree1007  
299f Limehouse PLUCKROSE Elizabeth 63 Limehouse Shirt Ironer mother wid PL1076 Tree1007  
299g Limehouse PLUCKROSE Florence 11 Limehouse   sister   PL2794 Tree1007  
300a Limehouse PLUCKROSE Alfred 23 Lambeth Fruiterer Asst boarder s PL1082 Tree1007  
301a Southwark PLUCKROSE Thomas J 45 Poplar Brass Founder head m PL1474 Tree1006  
301b Southwark PLUCKROSE Sarah A 39 Limehouse   wife m PL2772 Tree1006  
301c Southwark PLUCKROSE William T 15 Erith Carpenter son s PL2773 Tree1006  
301d Southwark PLUCKROSE Lucy 11 Erith   daur s PL2774 Tree1006  
301e Southwark PLUCKROSE George H 6 Erith   son s PL2776 Tree1006  
302a St George The Martyr PLUCKROSE Henry 50 Cheshunt Wheelwrights Smith head m PL1044 Tree1007  
302b St George The Martyr PLUCKROSE Elizabeth 52 Newington   wife m PL1070 Tree1007  
302c St George The Martyr PLUCKROSE Alice 24 St Georges Lace Cutter daur s PL1073 Tree1007  
302d St George The Martyr PLUCKROSE John 19 St Georges general labourer son s PL1074 Tree1007  
303a Putney PLUCKROSE Rose A 35 Bermondsey living on own means head wid     Note 27
303b Putney ASTON Mary A   Coventry   servant s   n/c  
304a Plumstead WATLING Shadrack 57 Yoxford Painter (Royal Arsenal) head m   related  
304b Plumstead WATLING Rebecca 58 St Albans Shop keeper wife m   related  
304c Plumstead PLUCKROSE Mary 26 Plumstead   daur   PL2109 Tree1012  
304d Plumstead PLUCKROSE George 28 Leytonstone Carman son   PL2101 Tree1012 Note 28
304e Plumstead WATLING Chas 20 Plumstead Explosives (Arsenal) son     related  
304f Plumstead WATLING Violet 15 Plumstead   daur     related  
304g Plumstead PLUCKROSE Edith 2 Plumstead   daur   PL2110 Tree1012  
305a Northfleet PLUCKROSE Edwin 23 Stratford Engine Fitter boarder m PL2324 Tree 1015  
306a Preston PLUCKROSE Frank 23 N K Labourer General     PL1649?   Note 29
307a Cheshunt PLUCKROSE Daniel 48 Woodford Cowman head m PL1645 Twig2  
307b Cheshunt PLUCKROSE Ellen 49 Newton   wife m PL1646 Twig2  
307c Cheshunt PLUCKROSE Birt 19 Cheshunt Farm Labourer son s PL1650 Twig2  
307d Cheshunt PLUCKROSE Thomas 15 Cheshunt nursery labourer son s PL1651? Twig2  
307e Cheshunt PLUCKROSE Jessie 13 Cheshunt   daur s PL1653 Twig2  
307f Cheshunt PLUCKROSE Victor 4 Cheshunt   son s PL1652 Twig2  
307g Cheshunt MOLTE Tim 20 Saffron Walden nursery labourer boarder s   n/c  
307h Cheshunt SAVILLE Tom 22 Pelham nursery labourer boarder s   n/c  
308a West Ham PLUCKROSE Arthur 28 Stratford Machine Maker (Lathe) head m PL2018 Tree1012  
308b West Ham PLUCKROSE Mary 27 Glasgow   wife m PL2032 Tree1012  
308c West Ham PLUCKROSE Mary 6 Stratford   daur s PL2033 Tree1012  
308d West Ham PLUCKROSE Arthur 5 Stratford   son s PL2034 Tree1012  
309a West Ham PLUCKROSE John J 44 Hackney Boot Shoe Maker head m PL1938 Tree1010  
309b West Ham PLUCKROSE Leah S 36 City   wife m PL1969 Tree1010  
309c West Ham PLUCKROSE Ethel H 12 Old Ford   daur   PL1870 Tree1010  
309d West Ham PLUCKROSE Maud A 7 Stratford   daur   PL1871 Tree1010  
309e West Ham PLUCKROSE Dorothy L 6 Stratford   daur   PL1872 Tree1010  
309f West Ham PLUCKROSE William J 4 Stratford   son   PL1873 Tree1010  
310a Leyton PLUCKROSE Jas 42 Lambeth Licensed Victualler head m PL1377 Tree1016  
310b Leyton PLUCKROSE Sarah 42 St Georges   wife m PL2778 Tree1016  
310c Leyton PLUCKROSE Jas 20 Stepney   son s PL2779 Tree1016  
310d Leyton PLUCKROSE Florence 18 Stepney   daur s PL2784 Tree1016  
310e Leyton PLUCKROSE Wm 17 Stepney   son s PL2780 Tree1016  
310f Leyton PLUCKROSE Minnie 15 Stepney   daur s PL2781 Tree1016  
310g Leyton PLUCKROSE Ethel 10 Canning Town   daur s PL2782 Tree1016  
310h Leyton PLUCKROSE Alfred 8 Mile End   son s PL2783 Tree1016  
310i Leyton BUNBURY May 6 St Lukes   visitor s   n/c  
311a Leyton PLUCKROSE Stephen 79 Netswell Retired smith (Blacksmith) pauper inmate widower PL0876 Tree1007  
312a Leyton PLUCKROSE Catherine 53 London   head wid PL1364 Tree1006  
312b Leyton PLUCKROSE Henry 24 Shadwell Bootmaker son s PL1348 Tree1006  
312c Leyton PLUCKROSE Thomas 19 Shadwell Tailor's Trimmer son s PL1368 Tree1006  
312d Leyton PLUCKROSE Edith 13 Bethnal Green   daur   PL1369 Tree1006  
312e Leyton PLUCKROSE Henry 7 Bethnal Green   grandson   PL1350 Tree1006  
313a Walthamstow PLUCKROSE Theresa A 23 Islington Manageress To Duplicator Manufacturer daur wid PL1706 Tree1008  
314a Hackney PLUCKROSE Samuel 48 Stepney Bootmaker head m PL1936 Tree1010  
314b Hackney PLUCKROSE Clara 48 Newport   wife m PL1943 Tree1010  
314c Hackney PLUCKROSE Samuel 20 Shoreditch Printing Machine Minder son s PL1958 Tree1010  
315a Camberwell PLUCKROSE Stephen 50 Hertford Coachsmith head m PL1049 Tree1007  
315b Camberwell PLUCKROSE Elizabeth 49 Stockwell   wife m PL1087 Tree1007  
315c Camberwell PLUCKROSE Stephen 23 Walworth Coachsmith son s PL1086 Tree1007  
315d Camberwell PLUCKROSE Rosina 11 Walworth   daur s PL1524 Tree1007  
316a West Ham PLUCKROSE Frank 33 West Ham Carman head m PL2322 Tree1015  
316b West Ham PLUCKROSE Agnes 30 Mile End   wife m PL2326 Tree1015  
316c West Ham PLUCKROSE Agnes 8 West Ham   daur   PL2329 Tree1015  
316d West Ham PLUCKROSE Sydney 3 West Ham   son   PL2331 Tree1015  
317a Greenwich PLUCKROSE Thomas 76 Deptford Ret Plumber Inmate widower PL1402 Twig1  
318a West Ham PLUCKROSE Henry 52   Gardener Domestic head m PL1538 Tree1012  
318b West Ham PLUCKROSE Mary 56 Elsingham   wife m PL2016 Tree1012  
318c West Ham PLUCKROSE Ethel 16 West Ham Mantle Machinist daur s PL2022 Tree1012  
319a Hackney PLUCKROSE Edwin 43 Hackney Cabinet Maker head m PL1520 Tree1007  
319b Hackney PLUCKROSE Elizabeth 44 Shoreditch   wife m PL1529 Tree1007  
319c Hackney PLUCKROSE Edwin 13 Hackney   son s PL1530 Tree1007  
319d Hackney PLUCKROSE Lilly 11 Hackney   daur s PL1531 Tree1007  
319e Hackney PLUCKROSE Edith 5 Hackney   daur s PL1532 Tree1007  
320a Paddington PLUCKROSE Lilly 55 Beckham Teacher Of Dance         Note 22
321a Hammersmith PLUCKROSE George 52 Chelsea Architect and surveyor head m PL2445 Twig15  
321b Hammersmith PLUCKROSE Miriam 50 St Johns Wood   wife m PL2446 Twig15  
321c Hammersmith PLUCKROSE Gertrude 26 Kilburn mother's help daur s PL2447 Twig15  
321d Hammersmith PLUCKROSE George 24 Kilburn Carpenter And Joiner son s PL2448 Twig15  
321e Hammersmith PLUCKROSE Henry 22 Kilburn Plumber And Gas And Hot ... son s PL2449 Twig15  
321f Hammersmith PLUCKROSE Walter 21 Kilburn Plumber Plum son s PL2450 Twig15  
321g Hammersmith PLUCKROSE Herbert 19 Kilburn Architect's Assist son s PL2451 Twig15  
321h Hammersmith PLUCKROSE Grace 16 Hammersmith mother's help daur s PL2452 Twig15  
321i Hammersmith PLUCKROSE Lilian 14 Hammersmith   daur s PL2453 Twig15  
321j Hammersmith PLUCKROSE Olive 8 Hammersmith   daur   PL2454 Twig15  
321k Hammersmith PLUCKROSE Christine 5 Hammersmith   daur   PL2456 Twig15  
321l Hammersmith PLUCKROSE Ethel 12 Hammersmith   daur   PL2455 Twig15  
322a Bethnal Green PLUCKROSE Mary Ann 61 Bethnal Green Charwoman inmate wid     Note 27
323a Rotherhithe PLUCKROSE William 53 Rotherhithe general labourer head m     Note 30
323b Rotherhithe PLUCKROSE Jane A 49 Bermondsey   wife m     Note 30
324a Walthamstow PLUCKROSE George E 35 Walthamstow Ship Brokers Clerk head m PL1692 Tree1008  
324b Walthamstow PLUCKROSE Ada H 35 Walthamstow   wife m PL1700 Tree1008  
324c Walthamstow PLUCKROSE Reginald G 5 Forest Gate   son   PL1701 Tree1008  
325a Walthamstow PLUCKROSE John 66 Wanstead Gardener Domestic head m PL1674 Tree1008  
325b Walthamstow PLUCKROSE Selina 64 Burwash   wife m PL1691 Tree1008  
325c Walthamstow PLUCKROSE John 31 Walthamstow Secretary Company son s PL1702 Tree1008  
325d Walthamstow PLUCKROSE Ada M S 23 Walthamstow   daur s PL1696 Tree1008  
325e Walthamstow PLUCKROSE Sidney A L 20 Walthamstow Clerk Commercial son s PL1697 Tree1008  
326a St Giles In The Fields PLUCKROSE Henry 26 St James Coal Porter boarder s PL2346 Twig12  
327a St James Westminster PLUCKROSE Robert 31 St James Coachman head m PL2344 Twig12  
327b St James Westminster PLUCKROSE Annie 21 Shoeburyness   wife m PL2367 Twig12  
328a Camberwell PLUCKROSE M A 26 Exeter   head wid PL2460 Tree1007  
328b Camberwell PLUCKROSE John 4 Westminster   son   PL2461 Tree1007  
328c Camberwell PLUCKROSE George E 3 Camberwell   son   PL2462 Tree1007  
328d Camberwell PLUCKROSE Louisa 22 Walworth laundress sister in law s PL1089 Tree1007  
331a Poplar HEATHER Charles 24 Fulham Carman head m PL1525 Tree1007  
331b Poplar HEATHER Caroline 25 Walworth   wife m PL1085 Tree1007  
331c Poplar HEATHER Stephen 5 m Poplar   son   PL1085 Tree1007  
334a Deptford WALSHAM Charlotte 42 Cold Bath Greenwich living on own means head wid PL1624 Twig1  
335a Cheshunt COLGATE Edwin 36 Penhurst market gardener head m PL1654 Twig2  
335b Cheshunt COLGATE Beatrice 23 Cheshunt   wife m PL1648 Twig2  
336a Walthamstow TROTT John H B 62 Deal retired customs officer head m PL1699 Tree1008  
336b Walthamstow TROTT Selena S 33 Walthamstow   wife m PL1693 Tree1008  
336c Walthamstow TROTT Ernest J 1 Walthamstow   son     related  
337a Walthamstow PLUCKROSE William A 48 Regent's Park Biscuit baker head m PL1679 Tree1008  
337b Walthamstow PLUCKROSE Sarah E 47 St George E.   wife m PL1703 Tree1008  
337c Walthamstow PLUCKROSE Eliza S A 18 Walthamstow   daur s PL1704 Tree1008  
337d Walthamstow PLUCKROSE Gertrude L 9 Walthamstow   daur s PL1705 Tree1008  
338a Bloomsbury PLUCKROSE Edward 29 St Giles wharfinger ??? head m PL1690 Tree1008  
338b Bloomsbury PLUCKROSE Sarah 27 St Giles   wife m PL1739 Tree1008  
338c Bloomsbury PLUCKROSE Charles William 7 Holborn   son s PL1742 Tree1008  
338d Bloomsbury PLUCKROSE Rosina 5 Holborn   daur s PL1743 Tree1008  
338e Bloomsbury PLUCKROSE Albert 3 Holborn   son s PL1744 Tree1008  
339a West Ham PLUCKROSE Fredk Ed 56 Epping Builders labourer head m PL2320 Tree1015  
339b West Ham PLUCKROSE Eliza 54 Stratford   wife m PL2321 Tree1015  

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