1901 Census Notes


1 Note 1: This family is recorded here because of an adopted son - John Pluck born Q1 1899 St Giles.
2 Note 2: A birth record for Winifred is Q4 1893, Mile End 1c 508. I have not found a birth for Charles. Glen Bradford has told me that Winifred's father is a Henry, but I have not been able to find either a marriage or a death record. Perhaps a deserted wife?

Another possibility in in record 119: Henry Pluck - a boot finisher, age 38, place of birth unknown, who is in the London County Lunatic Asylum.
3 Note 3: Hilda Victoria was born June 1892 Mile End 1c 525. She is the daughter of Frederick Pluck and Emily Pratt who were married in 1888. It seems likely that Emily and Agnes were sisters and daughters of William Pratt.
4 Note 4: Harry is the son of Henry Batchelor and Anna Pluck, Annie's eldest daughter.
5 Note 5: His identity may emerge in time by a process of elimination. He could be the husband of Mary, see Note 2 (Record No 107).
6 Note 6: I have insufficient data at the moment to make a link to the rest of the Irish Plucks. There is quite a lot of information about Timothy, nevertheless. He first appears in the 1841 census of Liverpool, aged 12, as does Mary Ann, aged 7 (also present are James, age 30, Bridget, age 40, and John aged 19). He married Rose Ann Burns in Q3 1858, Liverpool, 8b, 848 (note neither of these ages tie in with the 1901 census data). Rose Ann died Q2 1890, Liverpool 8b, 32, age 58. In the 1881, 1891 and 1901 censuses his occupation is Cooper. No evidence of children but I can't find him in the appropriate censuses. He died Q4 1901, Liverpool 8b, 23, aged 67.
7 Note 7: Not found in the 1881 census.
8 Note 8: Not enough data yet to identify. In the 1891 census, a widow, with her son Lawrence aged 24, although in this case she is recorded as born in Ireland and Lawrence in Liverpool. In 1881 she is a widow, aged 50, with Lawrence (17) and James (14), both sons born in Liverpool. The earlier identifiable record is in the 1871 census, when her husband Lawrence, a carter, is still alive. I can't find a death record between 1871 and 1881, but he could have died in Ireland.
9 Note 9: She died in Q3 1907, St Giles 1b. 257. No other Madeleines in main index. Perhaps she was married to a French Pluck (Pluque)?
10 Note 10: Found in Brixton in 1891, age 59, born Croydon, a widow and a sick-nurse, but unable to find her in 1881 or 1871.
11 Note 11: Not found in 1881 or 1891 census or in GRO birth index. Perhaps she was a widow, which might explain her absence from the birth index but not the two previous censuses.
12 Note 12:
George was born Q2 1868 Shoreditch 1c, 73.
C1871 not found
C1881 in MEOT workhouse school ? father dead
C1891 newly married, no children.
Q1 1891 St George Hanover Square 1a, 666 married to Florence Mary Kersey
Q3 1868 Florence Mary Kersey born Chelsea 1a, 219
His mother Catherine, b 1835 Bow, and sister, Annie, (b 1863 Kennington according to the census but not found in the GRO index), are in the household in 1901 but neither are found in earlier censuses.
13 Note 13: Mabel Horwood married George Pluck Q2 1899 Sheppey, 2a, 1910.
George's identity is unknown. He could be PL931 (Tree 5) who was born Q1 1871 Sheppey RD.
I have not found a death in the GRO index for the relevant period, i.e. Q2 1899 - Q3 1901.
George not found in the 1891 census.
? a deserted wife. ? a (Boer) war death?
14 Note 14:
Kate Louisa born Q1 1894 Sheppey 2a, 921
Minnie Matilda born Q4 1895 Sheppey 2a 852
Without birth certificates (or possibly baptism records) it will be difficult to place these girls. They obviously belong to a local Pluck family. I have nothing to suggest that the Scotts are related.
15 Note 15: There is a birth record for Ella that fits: Q1 1890 Saffron Walden 4a 672. Can't find Ella in the 1891 census ,but a possible marriage for George and Edith is: Q3 1898 Hendon 3a, 300 : George Henry Bateman and Edith May Holland. It is difficult, on this basis, to explain the "sister-in-law" designation.
16 Note 16:
James was born: Q4 1871 Hackney 14, 4
He appears in the 1881 census, but in a rather confusing situation:
Jabez (recorded as Jarvous) Pluck (33) and his wife Sarah Burgess (33) (who were married in Stoke Newington in 1872) lived at 108 Spencer Road in Hornsey (no family).
The family living at no 109 (across the road) could be connected in some way but it is not clear how. This household comprises:
Joseph (31) and Emma (30) Tyrer and their 13 year old son Albert.
Also in the house (and on the next page of the census record) are:
Emily Pluck (relationship to head left blank) unm 20 housemaid b Stamford Hill
Emma Pluck daughter unm 18 housemaid b Stamford Hill
James Pluck son 9 b S. Hornsey
Willie Pluck son 6 b S. Hornsey
Johnny Pluck son 2 b S. Hornsey
James, Willie and John could be the children of Jabez and Sarah, but Emily and Emma are far too old.
This looks very much like an error in recording the census. There appear to be a total of 16 people living at 109 but only 7 at 108.
However, even if James, Willie and Johnny are the children of Jabez this doesn't explain who Emily and Emma are.
In the 1891 census James is living in Stoke Newington with his widowed mother Martha (53), and his brothers William (16), a milkman, and John Henry (12). The fact that his mother is named Martha tends to rule out Jabez and Sarah as his parents.
He married Charlotte Matilda BARNES Q1 1896 Edmonton 3a, 345.
In this census he is living in Tottenham with his widowed mother-in-law and his wife and three children.
[The 1871 census has the family of John Pluck (baker) living at 73 Spencer Road: John b 1842, Ann b 1842, Emma b 1864 and Amelia Ann b 1866 - all born in Essex.]
17 Note 17: I can not find a birth in the GRO index or an entry in the 1891 census.
18 Note 18: I can not find a birth record in the GRO index, or an entry in the 1891 census. Domestic servant's christian names were sometimes changed for the convenience of their employer.
19 Note 19: A possible birth is: Emily Rhoda Pluck born Q2 1885, Linton 3b 527 (PL2706 Twig 4). This would make her much younger than the 18 years recorded.
20 Note 20: In census of Wales: on board the Alywn which has a crew of four: the master, the mate, an ordinary seaman and the cook. Not enough information given to be able to link him to any other of the Irish branch.
21 Note 21: Found when the 1901 census was first released but not found again subsequently in the Ancestry database.
A check on Jeff Knaggs' website shows that the institution is the Essex County Lunatic Asylum at South Weald.
The only other 39 year old Emma that I have in the 1901 census is at Cherry Hinton, but doesn't seem to tally with this entry.
Recorded as 'lunatic' in the Disabilities column.
Needs further investigation.
22 Note 22: These records were found when the 1901 census was first released but I have not not found them subsequently in the Ancestry database.
23 Note 23: Emma was in the Girls' Reformatory School. The girls apppear to have come from all around the country. Their occupation was described as "all engaged in various branches of domestic work". I haven't been able to find a birth in the GRO index.
24 Note 24: Deleted
25 Note 25 Not identified yet. She could be the Elizabeth Ann Pluckrose whose birth was registered in the West Ham RD in Q2 1872 (PL2100, Tree 1012).
26 Note 26: I haven't been able to identify him from previous censuses. There are a couple of possibilities in the GRO birth index for 1849, but neither really fits. There is a marriage in Q2 1897 Shoreditch 1c, 182 to Louisa Wall which looks a possibility.
27 Note 27: Not enough information to make an identification.
28 Note 28: George is living with his in-laws, Shadrack and Rebecca Watling, hence the confusing 'relationship' entries, not helped by the enumerator not recording the marital status of anyone apart from Shadrack and Rebecca.
29 Note 29: I can't find him in the Ancestry database. However, he is living in Preston (part of the city of Brighton) and matches PL1649 in Twig2.
30 Note 30: Not found in birth index or in earlier censuses. I suspect that he belongs somewhere in Tree 1006.
31 Note 31: Found in 1881 in an "Invalid Asylum" in Stoke Newington. Described as married and from Clavering. Not found in other censuses.
32 Note 32: He was a visitor to household of Etienne Ange, farmer.
33 Note 33: visiting Eliza Ingrams, wid, 50, b Shoreditch
34 Note 34: "The Five Alls" is a fairly uncommon pub name. I have a picture of a pub sign showing:

    a soldier - I fight for all
    a bishop - I pray for all
    a king - I rule for all
    a lawyer - I plead for all
    John Bull - I pay for all.
35 Note 35: Emma is a visitor in the household of John and Alice Gill. John, born in India, is a refrigerator engineer, Alice was born in Wales. No known connection.
36 Note 36: A visitor: household comprised: Annie Davis, head, s, 22, ironer; Ada, her sister, s, 20, ironer; Emma, another sister, s, 18. All born in Bermondsey.
37 Note 37: A servant in what looks like an up-market boarding school for girls.
38 Note 38: Recorded as 'imbecile' in the disabilities column.
39 Note 39: Recorded as 'feeble minded' in the disabilities column.


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