Tree 7


PL No.
01_Nehemiah Pluck
Nehemiah Pluck, born Braintree 1841, died Southend 1902. Postman. Married (1896) to ...
02_Louisa March
Louisa March, born Bristol in 1848, died Southend 1910. 11 children, including ....
03_Louisa Pluck
Louisa Pluck, born 1872 in Mile End Old Town, died in Enfield 1965. Married George James Porter in 1902. 4 children. Derrick Porter's grandmother.
04_Harry Pluck
Harry Pluck, MBE, born in Mile End Old Town in 1873, died in Southgate in 1941. Major, Indian Army.
05_Beatrice Pluck
Beatrice Pluck, born in Mile End Old Town in 1882. Married Frank Cheesman, Australian Light Infantry, in 1917. (left to right: Louisa Pluck, Frank Cheesman, Beatrice Pluck, George James Porter, and at front: Dorothy Porter and Alfred Porter).


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