Twig 15


  Notes PL No.
This is Miriam Wrightson, wife of George Pluckrose - the head of Twig 15.  Miriam had at least 13 children between 1872 and 1895.
22_Ellen Pluck
Walter William Pluckrose was her fifth child, born in 1880. He was 18 when this photograph was taken..
20_John Thomas Pluck
Walter, in 1916.
Walter's wife, Ethel Priest.
Walter, with his elder brothers, George and Henry.
2448 2449 2450
Hilda, Walter & Ethel's elder daughter in 1939. Hilda adopted Judith (who provided these pictures) in 1945.
Miriam, Hilda's younger sister, on her marriage to Gordon Webb in 1943.

3670 3682

Walter with Judith in 1946.

I am grateful to Judith Grandi for providing these photographs.

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