Pluck Recipients of Charity in Saffron Walden

This table of data, compiled from the Saffron Walden town archives, provides a date, a brief entry from the record - often little more than a name, the amount of money involved (where appropriate), the PL number (the unique number that I have given to each of the Plucks on my database), and some brief notes or comments by me.

The PL number is used elsewhere by me, in both trees and census records. This is a unique identifier which is particularly useful in this table because, at different times, John Plucks referred to by the authorities as "Senior" and "Junior" could be the same or they could be different people. Someone known as "junior" early in life becomes "senior" when his father dies. I have identified which is which in the table. As far as I am concerned the three John Plucks in Saffron Walden during this period are PL 7: John Pluck Senior (1737-1778), his son PL 11 : John Pluck Junior (1765-1834) and has son PL 40 : John the Convict (1788-1845). If you want a better idea of who is involved then it is a good idea to refer to Trees 2 and 6 via the Tree Selection Page.

I have included a few records from Braintree where I think that they help to complete the picture.

Acknowledgements: I am indebted to Jacqueline Cooper and David Stacey for supplying most of the information that has gone into this compilation. Much of the data has been taken from the Saffron Walden Town Archives.

Jacqueline Cooper is the author of "The Well-Ordered Town - A Story of Saffron Walden, Essex, 1792-1862" (ISBN 1-873669-06-2 (pub. Cooper publications). This excellent book provides a valuable insight into the social history of Saffron Walden during this period. The following table provides just the bare bones, Jacqueline's book puts the flesh on these bones. It is well worth reading if you want to understand how your ancestors lived during this period.

Date Source Record Relief PL No. Notes and Comments
1764 SW archives Edmund Page apprenticed to John Pluck 'cordwainer of Walden' 7 This is John Pluck Snr (1737-1778)
1770 Erswell's charity Wife of John Pluck 2 x 10/- 10 This looks like relief for John Snr's first wife (Ann Auger) who was buried 4 Nov 1770. Perhaps it provided support during a terminal illness?
19 Feb 1777 Parish Register John Pluck marries Ann Church 7 John hasn't rushed into remarriage. Ann is a spinster, but the marriage lasts less than one year.
5 Feb 1778 Parish Register John Pluck buried 7 Aged 40, leaving Ann, and 2 sons by 1st marriage, John Jnr aged 13 and Thomas aged 10.
1779 SW Archives John Pluck, poor child, apprenticed to Stephen Pluck, cordwainer 11 This is John Jnr who is apprenticed to his uncle (PL8)
1780 Erswell's charity Widow of John Pluck 2 x 10/- 401 Ann Church.
1795 Erswell's charity Widow of John Pluck 2 x 10/- 401 ditto
27 July 1795 Essex Assizes John Pluck Jnr and others indicted for 'riot and conspiracy' (Bread Riots) 11 Not sentenced - charges against John may have been dropped?
2 Oct 1810 SW Quarter Sessions John Pluck - assault on Samuel Day - case withdrawn due to lack of evidence 40 Either John Pluck Jnr (1765-1834) or John the Convict (1788-1845) probably the latter
27 Apr 1813 SW Quarter Sessions John Pluck the younger - obtaining money under false pretences - 1 month 40 John the Convict
22 Apr 1814 SW Quarter Sessions John Pluck Jnr - assault on the Constable - fined. 40 John the Convict
31 Jul 1815 SW Town Sessions James Wisbey v John Pluck younger - swearing, conviction, commitment 10 days, conviction John Pluck tippling at Greyhound this day, fine 5s. 40 John the Convict
6 Aug 1816 SW Town Sessions George Bainbridge v John Pluck - assault 40 John the Convict
1817 SW Archives John Pluck admitted to charity school 64 Son of John the Convict and Mary Mynott, (aged 10)
1818 Erswell's charity John Pluck Snr of East Street 2 x 10/- 11 This is the John who we know as John Pluck Jnr (1765-1834)
1822 Edmund Turner's Charity James Pluck of East Street 5/- 17 This is probably the son of John Pluck Jnr. He married Ann Linton in SW in 1814 and must, at some time, have gone to work in Braintree because there is a removal order returning him (with wife and 2 children) to SW in 1826
1824 Edmund Turner's Charity John Pluck Jnr 5/- 11 This is John the Convict
1826 Braintree Removal Order James Pluck, with wife and two children, removed from Braintree to Saffron Walden 17 He must have returned fairly soon (his wife, Ann, dies there in July 1827).
6 Jun 1827 Parish meeting book John Pluck's family in distress 5/- 41 John the Convict's family
13 Jun 1827 Parish meeting book John Pluck's family in distress 6/- 41 John the Convict's family
20 Jun 1827 Parish meeting book Pluck's children 4@1/9 7/- 41 There were four children under 14
27 Jun 1827 Parish meeting book James Pluck in distress nil 17 This is probably the son of John Pluck Jnr who was recently 'removed' from Braintree but has probably returned there.
4 July 1827 SW Archives Bill from J Silk, constable, for 'Ironing Pluck' 7/- 40 'ironing' means placing in shackles
9 July 1827 Braintree Independent James Pluck's first wife, Ann Linton, died. She was aged 46, about ten years older than James. 439 See record for 27 June 1827.
13 July 1827 Chelmsford Chronicle Reported the appearance of John Pluck before SW magistrates to answer a charge of burglary - committed to Quarter Sessions 40
13 July 1827 SW Quarter Sessions John Pluck sentenced to 7 years transportation for burglary. 40 Leaving his wife with eight children, the eldest aged about 21 and the youngest under two. Mary 'went on the parish' receiving 7 shillings per week (1/9 per child under 14 - decreasing as the children reached 14).
5 Nov 1827 Braintree Parish Records James Pluck (widower) marries Ruth Kidds. 17 440 She was aged about 40, James was 36.
1828 Edmund Turner's Charity Pluck's children, Abbey Lane 5/- Almost certainly the children of John the Convict
23 Jan 1829 Parish meeting book James Pluck Braintree ill 12/- 17 He is living in Braintree but is looking for support from his place of settlement
12-19 Feb 1829 Workhouse Pluck. Wife and child admitted. This could be John the Convict's wife, Mary Mynott, but where are the other children? - she had 3 under 14 - or is it George and his mother?
19-26 Feb 1829 Workhouse Shoes to ... Pluck. Wife and child ... Sarah Pluck ditto - Mary's Sarah was 17. Is this 'wife' the 'widow' referred to in the next entry? I haven't found a death for a possible husband.
27 Mar 1829 Parish meeting book James Pluck Braintree still distressed 10/- 17
17 Aug 1829 Parish meeting book James Pluck given assistance 'towards burying child' 1 17 No burial found in Braintree parish records (but known to be a non-conformist). This explains only 1 child in 1841 census.
31 Aug 1829 Overseers' Accounts Stephen Pluck and Widow Pluck each receiving 1 on going from workhouse 8 The most likely Stephen was b.1771 SW son of Stephen P (d.1814) and Mary Richardson (d.1812) (age 58).
4 Dec 1829 Parish meeting book John Pluck's daughter service 7/6 68 Probably Mary, the 15 year old d. of John the Convict and Mary Mynott. The money was probably to provide her with decent clothes.
1829 Edmund Turner's Charity James Pluck Snr of Castle Street 5/- 11 This is probably an error. John Pluck Junior was living in Castle Street at the time and James in Braintree.
1829 SW Archives William Pluck admitted to charity school 225 Son of John the Convict and Mary Mynott, (aged 10).
1829 SW Overseers Widow of Thomas Pluck, died in Bethnal Green, seeking assistance to bury him ??
15 Jan 1830 Parish meeting book Tho Pluck, Braintree distressed 10/- 18 ? James' brother. Presumably paid to stay in Braintree?
30 Apr 1830 Parish meeting book Towards clothing George Pluck on going apprentice to James Pluck at Braintree 2 195
2 Dec 1830 Parish meeting book John Pluck's son for clothing 1-10/- 42 Possibly Nehemiah Pluck Snr. (see next entry).
28 Mar 1831 Highway Surveyor's accounts John Pluck Snr 1/6 11 For one day's work on roads (this is John Pluck Jnr)
2-9 Dec 1831 Workhouse ... and Chas Pluck admitted 224 Mary Mynott's youngest.
1831 SW Archives Nehemiah, son of John Pluck, apprenticed 42
20 Feb 1832 SW Town Sessions William Pluck v Samuel Barker - assault - 1 week house of correction. Can't find an obvious candidate. It could be the son of John the convict, but the boy has only just turned 13.
27 Feb 1832 Parish church records James Pluck marries Amelia Richardson and Sarah Pluck marries Charles Ketteridge 66 67 Children of John the Convict
20 Apr 1832 Highway Surveyor's Account John Pluck Snr 6/- 11 He received six shillings per week until 13 Sep 1833. He died a year later, aged 69.
2 May 1832 SW Archives George Pluck aged 15, son of Mary Pluck, widow, apprenticed to James Pluck, cordwainer of Braintree. 195
5 Aug 1832 Parish Church records Mary Pluck marries John Pamphilon 68 Daughter of John the Convict
9 Dec 1832 Braintree Independent Baptised George Pluck, son of John and Mary Pluck, born SW 29 Sep 1832 195 I am reasonably certain this birth date is a mistake because it recurs (no more believably) in the next register entry (James' son Henry - also a 'late' baptism).
1832 Workhouse Boy Pluck apprenticed to shoemaker at Braintree 195 This should be George since it is from the workhouse records
6 Nov 1834 SW Town Sessions Information John Salmon v Henry Pluck and three others stealing turnips, prop. of William Bailey 441 21 This looks like Henry, son of James Pluck and Ann Linton (aged 13) and Thomas son of Thomas Pluck and Jane Andrews (aged 10). They are first cousins and grandsons of John Jnr.
10 Nov 1834 SW Town Sessions Henry Pluck, Thomas Pluck, David Walls, Steven Barker convicted (turnip theft), fined 1s each, commit one month for non-payment 441 21 see previous entry
1834 Edmund Turner's Charity John Pluck, Old Foundry 5/- 11
11 Dec 1834 SW Parish Records John Pluck Jnr buried 11
1836 Edmund Turner's Charity Widow Pluck, Old Almshouse 5/- 197 This is Elizabeth Ward, the widow of John Pluck Jnr.
1838 Edmund Turner's Charity Widow Pluck, Old Almshouse 5/- 197 see above
30 May 1839 GRO certificate Thomas Pluck dies at Braintree. 18 Dies of a 'Decline' 4 months before birth of his daughter Louisa, leaving his wife with eight children, the oldest 17.
10 Feb 1840 Braintree Parish Records George Pluck, cordwainer, 23, son of John Pluck, cordwainer, married Emma Butcher. 195
May 1840 Guardians' records Widow Pluck, age 40, husband was journeyman shoemaker died in Braintree a year ago, leaving her with 6 children, oldest 13 years and a cripple, youngest 7 months, none earning anything - Union gave her 8s p.w. now discontinued because she lived outside the Union - had lived in Braintree 18 years and got work there but would have to go in the workhouse here, but desperately still needed the 8 shillings from Walden to survive - refer to Commissioners. 20 This is Jane Pluck, nee Andrews, who married Thomas, the younger brother of John the Convict, who died Q3 1839. Working as a charwoman in 1841 and 1851. The cripple must be James, who worked as an ostler in 1851 at the Boars Head Yard. Living with mother. There were 2 older children, Mary Ann (19) and Thomas (16) who was apprenticed to his uncle James.
12 June 1840 Guardians' records Widow Pluck not in 'urgent necessity' so her 8s discontinued from midsummer. 20
1840 Edmund Turner's Charity Widow Pluck, Braintree 5/- 20 Jane Pluck, neé Andrews
1841 Edmund Turner's Charity Widow Pluck, Old Almshouse 5/- 197 John Pluck Jnr's widow.
16 March 1843 GRO certificate George Pluck dies at Braintree, aged 6 'from being accidentally burnt' 26 One of Thomas Pluck and Jane Andrews' children.
1843 Edmund Turner's Charity Widow Pluck, Old Almshouse 5/- 197 John Pluck Jnr's widow.
1846 Edmund Turner's Charity Widow Pluck, Old Almshouse 5/- 197 John Pluck Jnr's widow.
1849 Edmund Turner's Charity James Pluck, Foundry Lane 5/- 17 This could be the James who went with his family to Braintree. His wife died in Braintree in 1845. He was aged about 58.
1857 Edmund Turner's Charity James Pluck, Foundry Lane 5/- see above

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