Jock Pluck Extradited to Scotland


Source: Public Record Office
Title: Border Papers 1596 201
Date: 1596
Place: Palace of Holyroodhouse

James VI to Ralph lord Eure:

The Laird of Buccleuch having by our command delivered William Ellott of Harscat, a principal actor in the attempt of Tyndale, to sir John Forster opposite warden, we hereby require you to cause delivery to the said laird, of Jock Dod called Jock Pluck and Gibbie Charlton called Gibb of the Boughthill, or either of them, being principal actors in the attempt against Ellott, whereon his proceeded, the bill being fyled before Robert Bowes esquire, ambassador resident here for the queen your sovereign, - that justice may be done and grudge between the parties removed.

I have no idea whether Jock Pluck was sent (back) to Scotland.


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