1434 : John Plukerose to take the Oath


Source: Public Record Office
Title: Patent Roll 12 Henry VI ii m.24
Date: 1 May 1434
Place: Westminster

Commission, pursuant to Act of the last Parliament, to Philip bishop of Ely, and John de Tiptoft chivaler, also William Alyngton the younger and John Burgoynge, knights of the shire for the county of Cambridge, commissioners, to issue their warrant to the sheriff for proclamation in the next court of the county that the following whose names have been certified into chancery by the said knights of the shire as those of persons who should take the oath not to maintain peace breakers referred to in the said act, should appear before the said commissioners, or three or two of them, and take the said oath, viz:

. . .
Thomas Coke, parker, of Campis
John Petiyt of the same
Stephen Petiyt of the same
John Lambard of the same
John Smyth of the same
John Britsale of Berkelowe
William Fullere of Lyntone
John Plukerose of the same
Thomas Hamont of the same
John Parson of the same
John Hoberd of Quye
. . .

Lyntone is obviously Linton. Campis is probably what is now Shudy Camps or Castle Camps, both a couple of miles from Linton. Berkelowe may be Bartlow, about a mile from Linton. Quye is a bit more difficult to identify; Stow cum Quy, a village a couple of miles NE of Cambridge and about ten miles from Linton, is a possibility.

This is the earliest record that I have of a Pluckrose in Cambridgeshire. The presence of John Plukerose in this list does not mean that he was a peace breaker.

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