1715 : Joseph Pluckrose - a Suspected Papist


Source: London Record Society
Title: Minutes of a Whig Club - 1715 15-36
Date: 4 August 1715
Place: London

Thursday 4 August 1715. Present: Mr Smythe, Col. Shorey, Mr Trench, Major Hatley, Mr Fisher, Mr Cooper, Mr Bagshaw, Mr Daye.

List of suspected persons in Cornhill Ward.

*Nathaniel Crossly, barber, below the Exchange
*George Strahan, bookseller, against Exchange
*John Tart, pattern shop, near Swan and Hoop
William Hyde, linendraper, at the Star
*[blank] Jones, a toy shop, at the Crown and Pearl
Henry Wingfield, linendraper, at the Three Nuns
*John Bucannon, pattern shop, at the Black Boy
*William Murford, ditto, at the Royal Point
Anthony Harrison, watchmaker, Birchin Lane
Edward Warren, coffeeman, ditto
Thomas Organ, barber, ditto
*James Brent, tallowchandler, ditto
*John Cooper, coffeernan, corner of Miles Alley
*at John Cooper's, a watchmaker, professed Papist
The Rainbow Coffee House kept by a Papist woman and may entertain dangerous persons.

(The most dangerous marked thus, *)

List of suspected persons in Vintry Ward.

Edward White, pressmaker, in Thames Street near Elbow Lane
Thomas Hosier, at Fishermen's Hall
John Houghton, victualler, in Brick Hill Lane
John Boyce, cabinetmaker, Maiden Lane
Francis Zouch, snuff merchant, corner Garlick Hill, in Thames Street
Richard Yalding, victualler, Worcester Place
Edward Nurden, a non-juror, a dyer, in ditto
Thomas Rich, a non-juror, a dyer, in Black Swan Alley, Thames Street
William Daltry, ditto
George Whittle, dyer, in Sheppard's Alley
Thomas Shuttleworth, a Papist, exchange broker on Garlick Hill
Roger Penny, Black Swan Alley, Thames Street
Charles Badger, a Papist, in Sheppard's Alley in Thames Street
William Ward, grocer, lower end of Garlick Hill in Thames Street
Widow Fellows, on Garlick Hill, lets lodgings
William Kempster, a mason, Garlick Hill
Charles Drew, a mercer, in Bow Lane
John Parker, apothecary, in ditto
Randolph Fernley, a hot presser, Cloak Lane
Charles Mason, cabinetmaker, College Hill
Roger Lawrence, a non-juror, ditto
Thomas Mellan, bricklayer, ditto
John Brookes, carpenter, ditto
Henry Freeman, tailor, Queen Street
William Horton, tobacconist, ditto

List of suspected persons in Farringdon Without.

William Chesshire, mercer, the corner of the Old Bailey next Ludgate
Dr Browne, examiner, next behind him in the Old Bailey
Thomas Sowlter, glass seller, the corner of Fleet Street by Fleet Bridge
Cave Wiseman, hatter, ditto
Thomas Ketterick, upholder, ditto
Ambrose Rule, in Salisbury Court
George Parker, almanac maker, in Salisbury Court
[blank] Anson, goldsmith, turned Papist, in Fleet Street
Richard Keys, in New Street
[blank] Dunn, pewterer, ditto
Capt. Hide, ditto
Deputy John Tayler, ditto
William Kent, by the Ditch Side
Richard Norton, ditto
William Clarkson, ditto, upholder
Joseph Pluckrose, upholder, ditto
Thomas Robinson, City Smith, Bond's Stables
William Sparkes, Fetter Lane
John Stanton, ditto
William Almond, ditto
[blank] Humphreys, at Mr Kirkall's, a fanmaker, near Horn Tavern in Fleet Street
[blank] Dandridge, in Fetter Lane
William Howard, in Fleet Street
Thomas Parsons, in Fleet Street
Thomas Searle, in ditto
Samuel Keble, bookseller, in ditto
Robert Vincent, stationer, in ditto
Philip Overton, printseller, in ditto
Richard Peirson, goldsmith, Papist, in ditto
Robert Gosling, in ditto
Charles Lee, vintner, in ditto
John Child, ironmonger, by Bell Yard End in Fleet Street
Edward Cordwell, City Carpenter, by Bridewell
Thomas Newell, Ludgate Hill
[blank] Hatley, mercer, ditto
[blank] Halsey, apothecary, ditto
Humphrey Howes, barber, Bride Lane End in Fleet Street
[blank] Bristow, goldsmith, next door
[blank] Dolleigh, alehouse keeper, at the Twelve Bells next door
Daniel Hughes, an attorney, in Raquet Court in Fleet Street
[blank] Harker, a farrier's son, in Salisbury Court

Farringdon Without (Holborn Side).

Charles Price, a thread man, at the Sun near Shoe Lane End, Holborn
Henry Foster, bricklayer, in Scroop's Court in Holborn
[blank] Slaughter, grocer, near Leather Lane in Holborn
John Lawrence, pewterer, in King's Head Court in Holborn
[blank] Squire, hairseller, in Fulwood's Rents
William Eden, pewterer, in Bartlett's Court
John Eglesfield, victualler, at the Raven in Fetter Lane
William Sheldon, grocer, near the Pump, ditto

Paid to make up the reckoning this night: 3d.

This was a time of unrest in England. Queen Anne (the last of the Stewarts) had died the previous year and George I (the Elector of Hanover) became king. This didn't please a number of people and there was a Jacobite rebellion in the north in the summer of 1715.

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