1747 : Mrs Pluckrose - Landlady of the Rising Sun

Title: The Daily Advertiser
Date: 22 January 1747
Place: London

To be Sold cheap, almost as good as new,

At Mrs. PLUCKROSE's, the Rising-sun, Fleet-Market.

A Goldsmith's Compass-Press, with Drawers complete, and Shew-Glasses.


A "shew-glass" is an enclosed glass display stand.

The Fleet Market was a market erected in 1736 on the newly culverted River Fleet.   Work had begun in 1734 to arch over the River Fleet which had become an open sewer requiring considerable expense to clear of rubbish and filth. The course of the river was covered between Holborn Bridge and Fleet Bridge (now Ludgate Circus). The market, consisting of two rows of open one–storey shops linked by a covered walkway, opened on 30 September 1737. By 1829, the market had become dilapidated, and, being an obstacle to the increasing volume of traffic, was cleared for the construction of Farringdon Road.  Farringdon Market was constructed to replace it, but was never successful.


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