1894 : George Pluckrose - Builder & Contractor

Title: The Commercial Gazette, xli, 102 198
Date: 28 February 1894
Place: London



A BILL OF SALE is an assignment of personal chattels, enabling the grantee to seize and sell the same according to the terms of the document. If given by way of security for the payment of money it comes within the Act of 1882. To be valid it must be in accordance with the statutory form of deed; must be attested by a credible witness; must be registered within seven clear days of its execution; and must “truly” state the consideration and contain a schedule. Only the goods specified in the schedule can be protected as against creditors. There can be no sale or removal of the goods assigned until five clear days after their seizure. Bills of Sale not given by way of security for the payment of money, such as absolute bills, post-nuptial settlements, and the like, still come under the Act of 1878 only. They must, therefore, be attested by a solicitor. Both kinds require re-registration every five years.

[NAME AND ADDRESS:] Pluckrose George, trading as Oldrey & Co., 17 Avenue-road, Shepherd’s-bush, and Carlton-bridge, Westbourne-park
[TRADE:] builder and contractor
[IN WHOSE FAVOUR:] Lon. & Counties Assets Co.
[DATE:] [1894 Feb.] 20
[FILED:] [1894 Feb.] 22
[AMOUNT:] [£]30 0[s.] 0[d.].

This is George Pluckrose (PL2445 in Twig 15).


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