1869 : James Pluckrose Jailed for Theft

Source: Bedfordshire Gaol Register
Date: 19 February 1869
Place: Bedford Gaol

Bedfordshire & Luton Archives and Records Service

Bedfordshire Gaol Register


Gaol Record Detail For: James Pluckrose
Record ID: 35175
Commital Year: 1869
Reference Doc: BLARS QGV13/2
ID in Reference Doc: 474
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Health: Poor
Occupation: Labourer
Education: Both imperfectly. No knowledge of scripture. Knows Lord's Prayer not Creed nor commandments. Weekday & Sunday school 5 years.
Form of Religion: No place of worship
Marital Status: Single
Offence: Theft
Date Received: 19/02/1869
Received From: Middlesex
Type of Gaol: Bedford Gaol
Sentence: 12 Months
Conduct: Orderly well conducted
Discharge Date: 17/01/1870

ęCopyright Bedfordshire & Luton Archives and Records Service.

This is probably James John Pluckrose [PL1409 : Tree1006] who was born in Brighton on 11th March 1852, the third son of Thomas Jesse Pluckrose and Mary Ann Peart.

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