1750 : Robert Pluckrose fails to return from Antigua

Source: The Glass Sellers Company. Compiled from the Ancient Charter, the Original Bye-Laws, and the Minute Books of the Company, by the Master, John Moore , 1899, London, 35-36
Date: 1750-1754
Place: London


The Company's Beadles

December 20th, 1750, “The Master acquainted the Court that Mr. Robt. Pluckrose, Beadle to this Company, was gone to Antigua, on some extraordinary business of which he had desired him to inform the Court and he should take it as a great favour if they would permit Mr. Wm. Stafford, this day made free, to officiate in his room till his return and to receive the salary and Fees of the said Office, which the Court agreed to.”

How Robert sped on his mission to Antigua and what adventures he encountered there we, unfortunately have no record, but it must have tended to increase his self-importance and led him to treat the Company with scant courtesy judging by the following: -

June 21 1753 (4?). Ordered that “Mr. Robert Pluckrose Beadle to this Company have notice given him to attend next Court of Assistants or that he will be discharged from his office of Beadle and another chosen in his room.”

And sure enough on Sept 27th 1753 (4?) Robert is discharged as he failed to attend, and had been an absentee for upwards of two years, and the Court elected William Stafford a member of the Company as Beadle in his place on Dec 20 1754.


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