1876 : Mr Pluckrose is selling a Printing Business

Title: The Bookseller: A Newspaper of British and Foreign Literature, With which is incorporated Bent’s Literary Advertiser, established in the Year 1802. Published Monthly , ccxxv 769
Date: 14 August 1876
Place: London

TO PRINTERS. - For DISPOSAL, a well-selected PLANT & BUSINESS of first-class Printer; capital central position, West-end of London.
Address Mr. PLUCKROSE, 34, Chichester Road, Kilburn, N.W.

There is nothing to identify this Mr Pluckrose, apart from his address.  He might be George Pluckrose, [PL2445, Twig 15] who features on other "History" pages, and was living in Kilburn in 1881.


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