1869 : James Pluckrose Sentenced for Theft

Source:  The Times, 26,338 11d
Date: 19 January 1869
Place: London




 . . .

Richard Jefferys, 16, and James Pluckrose, 16, were charged with stealing a bag and other articles, value 6s., from the person of John Judge. This was an ordinary street robbery upon a drunken man, and the prisoners were Convicted and sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment with hard labour. The Assistant-Judge said the prosecutor’s conduct in going from publichouse to publichouse until he was helplessly drunk was most disgraceful, and he should not be allowed any expenses.

. . .

This is probably James John Pluckrose [PL1409 : Tree1006] who was born in Brighton on 11th March 1852,
the third son of Thomas Jesse Pluckrose and Mary Ann Peart.


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