1874 : Bandsman Pluckrose - a fast mover

Title: The HampshireTelegraph and Sussex Chronicle, 4369
Date: 1 July 1874
Place: Newport Isle of Wight


ODDFELLOWS’ AND FORESTERS’ FETE. - The Oddfellows and Foresters connected with the Newport and other districts in the Island held their annual fete at Carisbrooke Castle on Monday (Coronation-day : 29 June 1874). The rain began to fall about eight o’clock, a.m., but ceased at 2 p.m., which enabled the procession, headed by the Volunteer Band, to march to Carisbrooke Castle. Although the afternoon was showery, and the ground slippery, the various games on the programme were completed. The games were closely contested. Just before the half-mile race was run, a young gentleman, named F. Wilson, a visitor to the Island, entered for the race, and, although opposed by such runners as Toogood, Pluckrose, and Wills, he came in the winner by 30 yards. The half-mile was completed in 2m. 20s. He declined to accept the prize. The following is a list of the prizes, with the names of the winners:-

. . .

Mile race, open, 5¼ minutes. - 1st prize, silver watch, Bandsman Pluckrose, 102nd Regt.; 2nd, timepiece, M. Wood; 3rd, electro cruet, H. Scott.

. . .

Half-mile race, open, 2 minutes 20 seconds. - 1st prize, electro cup, F. Wilson; 2nd, cigar case, F. Toogood; 3rd, hot water jug, Bandsman Pluckrose, 102nd Regt.

 . . .

A variety of other amusements followed. Immediately after the sports the prizes were presented by Brothers W. Sutton, of the Oddfellows, and J. Williams, of the Foresters. Refreshments were supplied by Messrs. Mursell and King and Westmore Brothers.

I have a feeling that I have come across this Bandsman Pluckrose before, but at the moment have been unable to retrieve anything about him.

The mysterious runner, named Wilson, is interesting.  When I was a boy (back in the 40s) I used to read the Wizard Comic which featured "Wilson the wonder athlete".  He ran in bare feet and broke the four minute barrier.  I believe he came from Yorkshire. I wonder whether this chap was the inspiration for the fictional character.

[For more about Wilson see:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilson_the_Wonder_Athlete]


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