1864 : Mr Pluck of Jersey and his Prize Fruit


Title: The Journal of Horticulture, Cottage Gardener, and Country Gentleman. A Magazine of Gardening, Rural and Domestic Economy, Botany and Natural History , xxxii, n.s. vii, 451
Date: 6 December 1864
Place: Birmingham



CONCURRENTLY with the great show at Bingley Hall, the Handsworth Horticultural Society, an old and well managed institution, held its annual Exhibition in the noble Town Hall. Formerly this Exhibition was held in June, but the Society most wisely decided on changing the time to the cattle show week, when the great influx of visitors afforded the prospect of its proving more remunerative.

The subjects composing the exhibition were arranged with great taste on six tables running the entire length of the Hall, whilst a brilliant bank of Chrysanthemums placed beneath the organ, and flanked on each side by a Holly tree in berry, faced the visitors on entering.

. . .

The show of fruit was very good particularly that furnished by Mr. Perry, Mr. Evans, gardener to C. Newdegate, Esq., M.P., Mr. Hargreave, and Mr. Pluck, of Jersey.

. . .

In dessert Pears, some very fine dishes were shown by Mr. Perry, particularly of Chaumontel, Easter Beurré, Beurré Diel, and Beurré Clairgeau; Huyshe’s Victoria was also in one of his collections. Mr. Pluck, of Jersey, had also several fine specimens, as well as Mr. Royd, and others.

In stewing Pears, Uvedale’s St. Germain was shown in several collections as Belle de Jersey, and the others consisted of Verulam, an excellent stewing Pear, Poux de l’Evêque, very showy, and Governor of Boulogne, a yellowish green, covered more or less with reddish russet; Catillac, Gilogil, Bellissime d’Hiver, Pound Pear, Sarazin, &c. The principal prizes both for dessert and kitchen varieties, were taken by Messrs. Perry, Hargreave, and Pluck.

. . .

Altogether the Show was creditable to the town; the setting up of the plants could hardly have been improved, and the general arrangements of Messrs. Perry and Tye, the Secretaries, were excellent.

Mr Pluck is James Pluck [PL1430] who can be found in Tree 1005


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