1875 : Mr Pluck of Jersey Wins First Prize for his Pears


Title:  The Journal of Horticulture, Cottage Gardener, and Country Gentleman. A Chronicle of the Homestead, Poultry-Yard, Apiary, & Dovecote , liv, n.s. xxix, 419
Date:  11 November 1875
Place: London




The Exhibition, especially in the fruit classes, is truly a great one, even surpassing the most sanguine expectations

. . .


In this section the display was remarkable by its extent, and from the immense Jersey specimens, and not less so for the superior examples of English-grown fruit. For eighteen dessert varieties there was good competition, many splendid dishes being exhibited. Mr. Pluck, 38, New Street, Jersey, had the first prize; Mr. Thomas, 22, Burrard Street, Jersey, being placed second; and Mr. Haycock, Barham Court, third. For six varieties there was also great competition, and many splendid dishes staged.  Mr. Ford had Pitmaston Duchess in splendid condition, and Beurré Clairgeau was in grand form. Prizes were also awarded to separate dishes of Louise Bonne of Jersey, Marie Louise, Glou Morçeau, Duchesse d’Angoulême, Doyenné du Comice, Maréchal de Cour, Van Mons Leon Leclerc, Catillac, and Uvedale’s St. Germain; and many handsome dishes were staged. The awards for these, also for other classes, which we are unable to note in detail, are recorded in the advertised list.

. . .

Mr Pluck is James Pluck [PL1430] who can be found in Tree 1005


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