1861 : Pluckrose Scores Two Runs

Title: The Era, 1,204
Date:   22 May 1861
Place:  London


Borough of Lambeth Club

The closing match of the season of this club was played on Monday (14 October 1861), on the South London Ground, Lower Kennington-lane. Sides were selected from the members by the President (Mr R. B. Williams) and Hon. secretary (Mr W. Burbridge). On the Secretary’s side, Mr Cooper headed the score with 22, and Mr Burbridge contributed 16, Mr Weeks 13, and Mr Budd 12. On the side of the President, Mr Stocker alone reached double figures, 13; indeed the bowling of Mr Budd was so effective as to take six wickets with eight balls, five of which he bowled in succession - an extraordinary occurrence. The Secretary’s side, in their second innings, scored 65, Mr Cooper again taking the “leger” with 29. Messrs Williams, Stocker, and Draper bowled. Score:-

PRESIDENT’S SIDE. - Total, 23; of which R. B. Williams (b Budd) obtained 1, Stocker (b Budd) 13, Baxter (b Burbridge) 4, Possee (b Budd) 0, Druce (b Budd) 0, Bennett (b Burbridge) 0, Nicholson (b Budd) 0, White (not out) 1, Sabine (run out) 0, Clark (b Budd) 1, Draper (b Budd) 0; byes, &c., 3.

SECRETARY’S SIDE. - Total, 71; of which W. Burbridge (c Stocker, b Baxter) obtained 16, Budd (b Williams) 12, Cooper (run out) 22, Neal (not out) 2, Collins (b Stocker) 0, Frost (b Baxter) 0, Cromack (c Druce, b Stocker) 0, Pluckrose (c Williams, b Baxter) 2, Weeks (c and b Baxter) 12, Whybrow (c and b Stocker) 2, Draper, jun. (b Stocker) 0, byes, &c., 2.


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