1876 : E Pluckrose Coxes the Winning Boat

Source: Bellís Life in London and Sporting Chronicle, 2,933 9a
Date:  16 September 1876
Place: Greenwich

CLARENCE CLUB. - The third four-oared race of the season took place on Monday last (10 September 1876), with the following result: - Heat 1: Blue - C. Manning, G. Maynard, W. Walker, H. Fuguzza (stroke), E. Pluckrose (cox), 1; Red - G. Shea, P. Pomonter, J. Manning, W. Lesware (stroke), W. Fowles (cox), 2. Both got away to a good start, and a fine race took place to Verdunís Bridge; here Blue went ahead, and won by three lengths. - Heat 2: White - J. Maddy, A. Payne, W. High, W. Reeves (stroke), R. Maynard (cox), rowed over. - Final heat: Both dashed away to a fine start, rowing at a very fast rate, White having a slight advantage. A fine struggle took place to gain Verdunís Bridge. White, rowing in fine style, soon held a lead of half a length, which they held to Horseshoe Point, where Blue, coming up, a foul occurred, both crews consenting to row it again on Saturday next, at 5 oíclock, when all members are invited to attend to keep the course. A special general meeting will take place on Tuesday next, Sept. 19, when all members are requested to attend.

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