1879 : J Pluckrose the Competitive Pedestrian

Source: Bellís Life in London and Sporting Chronicle, 3,100 2F
Date:  29 November 1879
Place:  London



There was again a fair gate on Monday last (23 November 1879), two matches being set for decision. The principal event was a 300 yards spin between A. P. Rogers and S. Rutson (two Londoners), who were supposed to try conclusions for £50, but from the very first it was apparent only one was in it, Rogers drawing right away at once, and Rutson stopping after a third of the journey was completed. It was alleged, as an excuse, that Rutson was lame, but we fancy the injury is only of a trifling character, and that he will soon be figuring in handicaps again.

After the big match C. Douglas of Clay Hall and J. Pluckrose of St Georgeís-in-the-East tried conclusions at 60 yards, the former with 15 yards start, which advantage he maintained throughout, winning by rather over that distance.

Wikipedia has an interesting article on competitive walking in the 19th century.


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