1876 : Mrs Mary Ann Pluckrose is a Witness in Court

Source:  The Bury and Norwich Post, and Suffolk Herald, 8d
Date:  15 August 1876
Place: Newmarket


Petty Sessions

[Before W. P. Isaacson, Esq.]

William Bailey, of Newmarket, shoemaker, was charged by Elizabeth Webb, of the same place, with using threats towards her on Sunday last, at their lodgings, the Barracks. - Mrs. Webb said: Bailey has been drunk every day for some time, and no one in the house has had a wink of sleep for him. On Sunday he said he would do for me before he left the house. He broke and smashed everything he could reach of his mother’s. - Mrs. Julia Purr and Mrs. Mary Ann Pluckrose corroborated Mrs. Webb. - Defendant said: Mrs. Webb is a very bad woman, and “collogues” me into her house when I have any money, and on Monday we settled this with three quarts of beer we had in her room. - Mrs. Webb denied this in toto. - Bailey called his mother, who said he took some beer in, but could not say if Mrs. Webb had it. - Bound in £10, and one surety in £10, to keep the peace for three months.


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