1895 : Mr S Pluck and a Shoplifter

Source:  The Bury and Norwich Post, and Suffolk Standard, 3e
Date:  22 October 1895
Place: Stowmarket

A DANGEROUS CUSTOMER. - At a special Petty Sessions, held at the Court House, on Friday last , before Mr. C. Marriott, Frederick Youngman, labourer, Rattlesden, was charged with stealing a silk handkerchief, valued 1s. 6d., from Mr. S. Pluck’s shop, in the Market-place, on the previous day. - Mr. Pluck said the man came into his shop on Tuesday afternoon with a friend, who purchased a handkerchief. When taking the money to the cask desk, he noticed the prisoner putting something in his pocket, and as he was leaving the shop, he made a remark to his companion, which aroused his (Mr. Pluck’s) suspicions. The two men then went to Mr. Simpson’s, where some tobacco was bought, and as they came out of the shop, he accosted the prisoner, and took the handkerchief out of his pocket. - Inspector Phillippo said enquiries had been made in the town, and it was found that a pipe had been taken from Mr. J. Lillestone’s, in the Station-road. The prisoner was accordingly remanded until Monday next, when he will be charged with the two offences.

This is Samuel Pluck (PL2400: Tree11) born in Braintree in 1865, a tailor and outfitter.

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