1987 : G Pluckrose attends a Freemasons' Meeting

Source:  The Freemason’s Chronicle, xxvi 310
Date:  12 November 1887
Place:  London



THE regular meeting was held last Monday (7 November 1887), at the Freemasons’ Tavern, Great Queen-street, when Lodge was opened, in the absence of Bro. Wall the W.M. through important business, by Bro. Dodson P.M. D.C. There were also present P.M.’s Spiegel, Dewsnap, Lazarus Secretary, M. Alexander; Bros. Lion S.W., Botibol J.W., Gardner S.D., Rev. Rocco Chaplain, H. Lazarus Steward, Gerrard, Dull, Jonas, Cohen, Green, Chamberlain, Joseph, Mitchell, Lowrie, Lyons, Rosenberg, Davis, Saqui, Haines, Isaacs, Isaacson, Harwood, Howard, Jacques Wynmann, and several others. Visitors — Bros. L. Joseph 975 and Edw. Bond 860. After the minutes of the October meeting had been confirmed, the acting W.M. passed Bro. Joseph Joseph to the second degree, after which the members had the pleasure of again hearing the working of their I.P.M. Bro. Dewsnap, who took the chair, and raised Bros. Chamberlain and Pluckrose; we need scarcely say that both ceremonies were performed in most creditable manner. A long discussion was now opened by two P.M.’s, which caused much dissatisfaction to the majority of the members of the Lodge. Other business having been disposed of, the Lodge was closed by Bro. Wall, who had just arrived. The brethren now retired to the dining-room, where between thirty and forty sat down to an admirable repast, served under the direction of Bro. M. Silver. The toast of the Queen and the Craft, &c. was eloquently given and responded to. The Chairman next proposed prosperity to the Benevolent Fund, which at one time had amounted to £1400, but through heavy calls it had become considerably reduced. However, the brethren would doubtless hear a few words on that subject from Bro. Lyons, the Treasurer of the Benevolent Fund. Bro. Lyon, in reply, said the W.M. was perfectly right; they had reached the large sum named, but the amount had run considerably down. He was pleased to say that there was still a handsome sum in hand, indeed the balance was larger than it had been for the past nine years. He had great pleasure in announcing a second Lodge ball would be held shortly, of which further particulars would be given by one of the Committee. Bro. Dodson P.M. said that the ball last year was a successful and enjoyable reunion, so much so that a second ball will be held on the 14th of February next, whereupon several brethren put their names down to act as Stewards. Bro. Dewsnap I.P.M. proposed the health of the W.M.; he regretted that the W.M. had been prevented fulfilling his duties in the Lodge through business, but the brethren know his working so well that he need not say much of it. The W.M. thanked the I.P.M. for his flattering speech; he regretted his enforced absence, but was sure the brethren, under the circumstances, would excuse him. His place could not, have been better occupied than by such excellent workers as Past Masters Dodson and Dewsnap, he sincerely thanked them for their kindness. He extremely regretted the harmony of the evening had not been so complete as they could have desired. He trusted such unpleasantness might never happen again. He was extremely gratified to hear that the last ball had resulted in success; he hoped to be present on the next occasion, when the Committee might have plenty of strong support. He felt he could not do better than leave the matter in the hands of the Committee that had been appointed, namely, Bros. Lyons, H. Lazarus Sec., &c., while for Stewards they already had Bros. Saqui, Lowrie and others. The W.M. next proposed the health of the P.M.’s, for which Bro. Lazarus replied. He thanked the W.M. for his attention; he was pleased to say that the W.M. up till now had had a very successful year and had already initiated some thirteen or fourteen candidates; he hoped that this number might be doubled before the end of the year. As Secretary he (Brother Lazarus) was exceedingly sorry at the unpleasantness which took place during the Lodge. He found it no easy task to be Secretary to such an extensive Lodge, still he should always be pleased to not so long as there was harmony. After some other P.M.’s had replied, the W.M. proposed the health of the Visitors, to which Bros. Bond and Joseph responded. During the evening the following brethren favoured with songs:— Bros. Joseph, Dodson P.M., Cohen, and Davis. Bro. Saqui, whose natal day it was, favoured the brethren with a couple of excellent songs. Bro. Frank Isaacson presided at the pianoforte, and gave a selection, “Thc Bay of Biscay,” with variations, which was received with immense applause. Saving the incident already referred to, a pleasant evening was spent by the brethren.

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