1858 : Mrs Eliza Pluckrose has Lead Stolen from her Roof

Title:  The Daily News, 3,823 6c-6d
Date:  16 August 1858
Place:  Portman Square, Marylebone



A fellow in the garb of a sweep, named Thomas, was placed at the bar before Mr. Long, charged with stealing lead from the roof of No. 18A, Portman-square.

It appeared from the evidence of police-constable Martin, 267 D, that he saw the prisoner after he came out of the above house, and suspecting from his manner and from the appearance of his bag that all it contained was not soot, he went up to him, and after putting a few questions, he looked into the bag, and found the lead produced. He at once locked him up, and upon having it weighed at a plumberís, there was found to be 46 lbs., of the value of about 7s. 6d. After locking the prisoner up he made some inquiries, and now produced the following two witnesses:

Mrs. Eliza Pluckrose stated that she resided in the house in question, and deposed to the constables bringing the lead, and upon her fitting it to the parts from where it had been cut in the gutter it was found to match exactly.

Mrs. Walford stated that she occupied the house No. 18, next door to where the robbery was committed. She said that on the previous afternoon the prisoner called upon her to allow him to sweep her chimney. After she had acceded to his request, and he had got the machine out at the top, he said he would go on to the roof to see if it was all right. After he had been up there some time he came down, undid his machine, and went away. He had not been gone long before the robbery was discovered .

Prisoner, upon being asked whether he would plead guilty or be sent to the sessions, said he would do the former. He said that when he went upon the roof he found the lead already cut and rolled up. Mr. Long, who said this was not at all likely, sent him for three months with hard labour.

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