1767 : John Pluk of Pittsylvania County, Virginia, Pays Tithes

Source:  Virginia Magazine of History and Biography xxiv
Title:  Tithables of Pittsylvania County, 1767. Contributed by Mrs. N. E. Clement, Chatham, Va.), 1916, Richmond, Virginia, 185
Date:  1767
Place:  Pittsylvania

A List of Tithables taken by Hamon Critz1, Gent., for the year 1767.

   . . .    
Adam Loving 2  
William Loving 1  
Joseph Cameron 1 400
John Pluk 3  
Zacheriah Cook 1  
Thos. Harbour 4 790
David Witt 1  
   . . .    

1Hamon Critz, one of the first Justices of the County. He lived in that part of the county later known as Patrick. At a meeting of the Vestry of Camden Parish at Pittsylvania Courthouse, July 22, 1769, “a chapel of ease” was ordered to be built near Captain Haman Crites of a size 20 by 24 feet. Round loggs for the body, a clapboard Roof and Benches, & etc.”


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