1887 : Mr Pluck attends a Congregational Tea

Title:  The Bury and Norwich Post, And Suffolk Standard, 5,459 5a
Date:  17 May 1887
Place:  Bury St. Edmunds


WHITING-STREET CHAPEL. — A congregational tea took place in the schoolroom on Tuesday evening1 , when about 100 persons sat down. After tea the Rev. W. H. Cole, the pastor, occupied the chair, and amongst those present were — Mr. D. T. Fish, Mr. J. C. Browne, Mr. G. Bugg, Mr. G. Bullivant, Mr. Pluck, Mr. Freelove, &c — Mr Cole congratulated them upon the success of the meeting, and said they would ultimately want a much larger place in which to hold their meetings. He introduced plans of the proposed enlargement of the chapel and Sunday School. — Mr. Bullivant stated he had commenced a campaign on the Cornhill on Sunday evenings, and invited others to assist him. He expressed the great sympathy he had with the Salvation Army, the women of which had been doing noble work; they were always acceptable auxiliaries to the church. — Mr. J. C. Browne said that some of the members of the church had lately been very anxious regarding the health of the Chairman, and Mr. Pluck (whose name aptly accorded with his nature) had kindly undertaken to raise a subscription to enable Mr. Cole to visit the seaside for the benefit of his health.

Mr. Browne then read the following letter: — Dear Mr. Cole, — The members of the church and congregation beg the acceptance of the accompanying purse. They have been touched by the supreme importance you have attached to the spiritual work of the church, and assure you of their unabated affection and esteem. They desire you and Mrs. Cole should have a change by the sea-side for a few days, and trust you will be invigorated for fresh service to our Divine Master. — On behalf of the church and congregation, very sincerely yours, J. C. BROWNE.” —

Mr. J. C. Browne then presented Mr. Cole with a purse containing £12. — Mr. Cole, who was taken completely by surprise, thanked the subscribers heartily for their kindness, and expressed the hope that he would be enabled to come back invigorated by the change. — Mr. Fish, Mr. Freelove, Mr. Pluck, Mr. Bugg. Mr. T. Green and others, afterwards addressed the gathering. — Mr. Cole announced that it had been decided to adopt the larger scheme for the extension of the schoolroom, mooted at the recent bazaar, and the cottages will be pulled down, so that the new buildings may be open to the street. They had been so successful in raising the funds that after paying the purchase money for the cottages, and all the necessary expenses of conveying, &c., they would have a surplus of about £50 in hand. He had no doubt they would be able to raise the necessary funds for the alterations by next year.

1 10 May 1887


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