1890 : George Pluckrose - Bankrupt

Source:  Timber and Wood Working Machinery, xii 58
Date:  6 September 1890
Place:  London

PLUCKROSE, GEORGE, AND OLDREY, HENRY, builders and contractors, Carlton Bridge, Westbourne Park; Crown Works, Bosworth Road, and Cowley Wharf, Kensal Road. These debtors who failed last July with unsecured debts of £4,810, and assets valued at a somewhat larger amount, attended Tuesday’s1 sittings of the London Bankruptcy Court for the hearing of their public examination. Mr. E. Leadem Hough, official receiver, stated that owing to delay in filing the accounts, he had to ask for an adjournment. The debtors upon being consulted offered no objection to the application, and Mr. Registrar Linklater ordered the proceedings to stand over until the 7th November next.

1 2 September 1890


This is PL2445 of Twig15.


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