1636 : a Plucke is a defendant in Court


Source:  Public Record Office: C 33/170 p. 525
Title:  Chancery Orders & Decrees Easter 12 Charles I
Date:  20 May 1636
Place:  Middlesex

Nichollson vid’ q’
Plucke et al’ def’

Forasmuch as Henry Gilbert Alice Tickner and Tobias Bowring were serued with sup’as ad testificandu’ on the behalfe of the pl’ whoe haue not appeared therevppon as appeareth by the oath of the pl’ and the ex Certifficate of the examinersof Ideo of this Courte Ideo Att’ vic’ Midd’ r’ m’ pas’1


1  therefore an attachment is issued to the sheriff of Middlesex, returnable a month from Easter = 15 May 1636


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