1648 : Jo Pluckrose - could be punished by a "whippinge according to the Statute"


Source:  Public Record Office: C 33/190 p. 215
Title:  Chancery Orders & Decrees Michaelmas 23 Charles I
Date:  14 January 1648

Jo. Pluckrose quer’
Jo. Pratt & al' def’

Vppon opening of the matter this p’nte day vnto the right ho’ble the Comi’rs. for &c’ by Mr Montague and Mr Chute being of the Def’ts councell and vppon pducing of an Afft. made by the said def’ Pratt whereby it appeth that the pl’t about oct 1645 prferred his Bill into this cort & after the s’pa serued the pl’t & def did voluntarily submitt themselues to the Award of Arbitrators. indifferently chosen who made their Award therein and the pl’t by writing vndr. his hand & Deale dated the 31th of July 1645 did discharge the def’ of all demaunds whatsoeur yet notwthstanding the pl’t since that time vndulie and for vexac’on (he being admitted in forma paupis) hath taken out pcs of Contempt agt. the def’ for not answering and caused him to bee violently apprhended at his howse in Hadley in Essex by 3 psons who begged an Almes of the def’ who forceably brought the deft. to the Prison of the Fleete refusing to accept of any Bayle it being aboue xxtie yeares since the def had any dealeing wth the pl’t and it was alleadged that the deft. the 22th of Dec’ last entred his appance wth the Regr. as by cert’ appeth & therevppon by ordr. of the 24th of the same moneth the pl’t vppon notice to his Clarck was wthin 5 daies next to ex’ite Interr’s vppon wch the def’ might be exa’ied to cleere himself of the said supposed Contempt Howbeit the pl’t hath not in all this Time ex’ited any Inter’ as by seurall Cert’ from the Exa’iers of this Cort apped & therefore praied the said Contempts might be discharged wch is Ordered as is desirered And if the said pl’t vppon notice to his Clarke shall not On the First day of the nexte Terme shew vnto this Cort good cause to the contrary Then the said pl’ for such his Causelesse Vexac’on shall pay vnto the def’t good Costs or receaue Corporall punishmt by whippinge accordinge to the Statute in that behalfe.





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