The Irish Branch of the Plucks : Part 1

There have been both Pluckroses and Plucks around since the use of surnames began. If you look in the History section you will find a record of William Plockerose paying taxes in 1332 and John Pluck becoming a Freeman of Canterbury in 1349.

There were also some border-dwelling Plucks getting up to no good in the 1590s (again see the History section). This branch of the Plucks predates the Plucks who evolved from Pluckroses and could possibly be related to the Irish Plucks.

I have no proof, yet, but I suspect that these early Pluck lines have died out, except possibly in Ireland. Present-day English Plucks are mainly descended from Pluckroses (read more about the name change which took place in the 17th and 18th centuries).

The small clusters of PLUCKs found in Liverpool and Glasgow are certainly of Irish origin, as are the Channel Island Plucks. It is not clear, yet, whether the Irish branch of the PLUCKs is a separate line or whether it is descended from an earlier immigrant, possibly a soldier, from England. They could be linked to the northern British PLUCKs mentioned above.

Tree 1005 (in the Orphan section) shows the Jersey branch, Tree 1009 (also in the orphan section) shows the Wicklow branch. Twigs 5 to 9, and 17, show some more, as yet unlinked, family groups.

American Plucks come from a variety of sources as the following table compiled from Ellis Island records shows:

Departure port
08 Jul 1896 PLUCK Fredk 24 M   England Braintree Liverpool Teutonic
11 Mar 1897 PLUCK Bernard 23 M   Ireland Queenstown Liverpool and Queenstown Aurania
02 Aug 1904 PLUCK Anna 17 F S Hungary, Hebrew Lago ... Rotterdam Ryndam
01 Jan 1906 PLUCK Feize 24 M M Russian, Hebrew London Southampton Saint Louis
17 Nov 1906 PLUCK James J 31 M S British, Irish Queenstown, Ireland Queenstown Lucania
03 Feb 1909 PLUCK Carl 22 M R Germany, German Barmen, Germany Antwerp Zeeland
15 Jun 1910 PLUCK Margaret 30 F S British Kathdown, Ireland Queenstown Majestic
09 Dec 1913 PLUCK Alma 29 F M American New York Southampton Kaiser Wilhelm II
09 Oct 1914 PLUCK Fredrick 42 M   England, English Bushey, England Liverpool Celtic
06 Mar 1919 PLUCK Wm 41 M U British Scot Glasgow Glasgow, Scotland Oriana
09 Jun 1920 PLUCK Albertine 35 F M Germany, German Duisburg, Germany Rotterdam Noordam
09 Jun 1920 PLUCK Albertine 10 F S Germany, German Duisburg, Germany Rotterdam Noordam
02 Aug 1920 PLUCK Frederick 50 M S Gt. Brit, English Wetford, England Southampton Philadelphia
18 Aug 1922 PLUCK Clementine 50 F M     Rotterdam Rotterdam


Read a more detailed analysis of the information about the Irish branch of the Plucks.

DGP 28 September 2007

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