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Want to know what an old Will looks like? See the original of Joseph's Will (773Mb). This is an excellent example with good, easy to read, handwriting

This section contains several wills which are a very useful source for family historians. Not only can you obtain reliable facts about family relationships, but you can also gain an insight into personal relationships, and sometimes you will get clues about an ancestor's personality. There are two main types of probate record: the Will itself and the grants of Probate or Administration. Each will has a grant of probate associated with it which confirms that the will has been properly executed. Where there is no will, or the named executor is unable or unwilling to carry out their duties, then a grant of administration can normally be obtained by the next of kin.

    select   1418 : James Plucke of Norfolk - inherits from John Streche

    select   1679 : Joseph Pluckrose of St Martin in the Fields - his Will

    select   1762 : Robert Pluckrose of Clerkenwell - his Will

    select   1768 : Edward Pluckrose of Hemelhempsted - his Will

    select   1926 : Arthur Nehemiah Pluck of Walthamstow - his Will

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