1864 : Mr J Pluck of Jersey Wins Awards for his Fruit


Title:   The Gardeners’ Chronicle and Agricultural Gazette, 1864 1,159
Date:  3 December 1864
Place: Birmingham


HANDSWORTH HORTICULTURAL. — The annual Fruit and Chrysanthemum Show in connection with this Society, was opened in the Town Hall, Birmingham, on the 28th ult., and continued for the three following days. It was in all respects a success; and the hall had a very handsome appearance, being well filled with excellent plants of Chrysanthemums, which for the most part were well grown, being dwarf and finely bloomed; and with beautiful collections of Fruit, which from their charming colour produced a pleasing contrast, especially in the evening when the building was lighted with gas. The season just passed had perhaps been one of the best on record for the proper ripening of out-door fruits, consequently the colour of many varieties was more brilliant than we are in the habit of seeing. This was especially the case with Chaumontel, Catillac, Gilogil, and Beurré Clairgeau Pears; and Blenheim Orange, Wellington, Cox’s Orange Pippin, and Court Pendu Plat Apples

. . .

Collections of Dessert Pears, 12 varieties, were remarkably well shown. Among them most conspicuous were Huyske’s Victoria, Beurré Clairgeau, Beurré Diel, Chaumontel, Duchesse d’Angoulême, Doyenné d’Alençon, Bezi Vaet, and Alexandre Lambré. In the Collections of Stewing Pears were very large and highly coloured specimens of Catillac, Belle de Jersey, Gilogil, Bon Chrétien Turc, and Governor of Boulogne.

AWARDS. — 12 Dessert Pears, 8 of a kind: 1st, Mr. C. J. Perry; 2d, Mr. J. Pluck, fruit merchant, Jersey; 3d, A. H. Royd, Esq. (gardener, Mr. Cox). — 12 Stewing and Baking Pears, 8 of a kind: 1st, Mr. C. J. Perry; 2nd, Mr. J. Pluck; 3d, Mr. T. Burley, fruiterer, Birmingham. — Extra Prize, given by Mr. E. W. Field (pair of Plated Fruit Spoons), for the best Six Dishes of Stewing Pears, Mr. J. Pluck.



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