Henry Pluckrose

Anyone who, like me, has ever done a Google search for Pluckrose will know that it will retrieve something of the order of 79,000 hits. A quick browse reveals that the majority of these hits refer to the author Henry Pluckrose. A fresh search to exclude Henry (i.e.< Pluckrose -Henry >), reduces the number of hits to about 23,000. Even now, most still refer to Henry Pluckrose, but this time in the guise of H Pluckrose.

Who is this Henry Pluckrose who is clogging up the internet?

Henry Pluckrose is a retired teacher, born in 1931. He is descended from the Walthamstow branch and can be found in Tree 1006 (PL1335). At one time (1968-1983) he was Head Teacher of the Prior Weston School in the Barbican (City of London). He is remembered by at least one pupil.

After leaving Prior Weston School he worked for two years as a tutor at Avery Mill College (now Greenwich University) before retiring early and devoting his time to writing, lecturing (mainly in Scandinavia) and working part-time in the education department of the Royal Opera House until he finally retired in 2000.

He has written about his experiences, lecturing and demonstrating in many parts of the world. He makes some interesting comparisons of the philosophy of education. You can find his book on Amazon. It is certainly an absorbing read.


He is the author of over 250 books for teachers and children. These have been translated into a number of languages and have been published internationally (as a Google search will reveal).

In his retirement he writes poetry and collaborates with his sister, Winifred, on research into the family tree.

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